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Universal Monsters (WIP)

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On 10/10/2018 at 9:56 PM, EldritchEladrin said:

By the way, if anyone has some hallowe'en themed music, I could use some painting soundtrack ideas. Currently on the playlist:

Lullaby - The Cure

Everyday is Halloween - Ministry

Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus


Almost any soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman is nice, too.  I'm especially fond of Nightbreed.

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Cool stuff. If you are looking for Spooky Halloween themed music, check out a a concept album by a metal band named "Iced Earth" called "Horror Show". Pretty good stuff in it. Also, search for music from the video game series Castlevania or remixes of it. Also "The Belmonts" are a project by the Video Game Remix Band "The Megas". Look for it.



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Turns out that green skin and (almost) no clothing is a pretty straightforward paint job.


The Wolfman is next:


Used the monster vest colour for the fur, and added some MSP blonde for the fur around the face.

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The gang's all here...


...Time to run a Spoooky Hallowe'en themed adventure!!


The Monster


The Wolfman


The Mummy


And the Count



Still contemplating whether or not to run a game with classic horror monsters, or to use them as monstrous PCs... Oh, the possibilities!!!:devil::;,;:

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