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Reaper for Ghost Archipelago stieg and sea elf

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Am painting up Stieg Brinegrog as a crewman/bosun and Sushanthe as either a warden or a pearl diver.


Was a bit annoyed with the stieg figure as smaller than I was expecting. Had a go at tattoos just using a 0.4 black drawing pen. Will glaze back over them. 


Am deliberately trying to have brighter colours for the sea elf so went for dark skin as a contrast and will highlight everything back up. 





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Looks good!

You mentioned to be annoyed by Stieg's size, I figured him to be a 40mm base guy, like a troll or ogre?

Is he just a 25mm base guy?

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1 hour ago, pcktlnt said:

Stieg is a 25mm base model. Bulkier human. 


Thx.. so he needs to eat more before I will buy one..

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Thanks everyone


5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks good!

You mentioned to be annoyed by Stieg's size, I figured him to be a 40mm base guy, like a troll or ogre?

Is he just a 25mm base guy?


He has a small square base that fits easily on a 25mm round base. He is presented in my view as a 'large' figure, bruiser but actually is relatively short. The newer Tre Manor, Damian Helthorne, etc Reaper human figures are much taller and more imposing. In fairness he is well fed so probably a lot of metal goes into making him! 

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    • By 72moonglum
      Hello to all the forumites of this fine page!
      So just finished this set a few days ago, the Ral Partha Water Lords, sculpted by Jim Johnson I'm thinking in the nineties, even though as per always, I forgot to look at the date stamp at the bottom before I put them on their base.
      I can really only directly show one of these minis, because the other two are ladies with their aquatic lady parts floundering all over, so here's the first one:

      and here is then a link to the female aquatic elf:
      Female aquatic elf from the Water Lords
      If you were interested in seeing other angles (this is the one I put on the Lost Mini Wiki), you could check out on my Instagram account Moonglumsminis
      And here is the Water Elemental in this set, a really cool piece in my opinion, but once again, full of even more mammal parts than the lady elf:
      Water Elemental
      Also on my Instagram page is the back angle of this wet and wonderful woman!
      So it was very fun painting these guys, and I got to use a lot of my sea color paints from Reaper, which just don't get enough use these days.  For the elves, I wanted them to be kind of subdued colors, as if they were down in the deep blue sea, and then with the male elf's mount, I was kind of in a conundrum, do I also give him subdued colors, or do I do a more tropical color scheme to offset the pale elf colors?  In the end, I opted for the brighter tropical colors to give hopefully a bit more visual interest.  
      The whites I think as the highlights for the water come off "whiter" in the actual minis, wish that would translate a bit more in the photos, but I think they came out more or less decently.  
      Around this same time, Ral Partha also did some other "elemental" blister packs, they did a fire one, an air one, and an earth blister pack. They were all sculpted by Jim Johnson, one of the few sculptors I can never seem to find anything out about.  I'd previously painted a female djinn from the air set, but I think I'm going revisit them all to hopefully get them all done one of these days in the far-flung future.  And just as a final mention, you can get all of these elemental minis, the water ones and others, on the Iron Wind Metals web site.
      Anyhoos, enjoy and have a beautiful week of labor and painting (labor as work, not a week full of pre-partum pain)!

      Mark aka 72Moonglum
    • By Rigel
      The grotesquerie of the Innsmouth hybrids shines best when juxtaposed with regular, non-transmuting humans. Reaper's got a lot of pirates, but up 'till recently few modern-era sailors. Still, both of these piratical individuals could pass as more colorful specimens of the pulp era.

      59030, Red Petals Su, was another miniature I'd painted about three or four years ago when I was just getting started, but she came out less ham-fistedly than most of my work. She's a fierce lady and has no time for superstitions about women on board ship!  

      Meanwhile, Stieg Brinegrog (03627) I painted somewhat more recently. This Bluto-esque sculpt is worth every penny. Lumpy, huge, and comically hypertrophied, with arms that would make an orc jealous. He has a fine mustache, too. It would be irresponsible to paint that much skin all the same, so I gave him a sunburn/tan, some shoulder- and chest-hair, and a nice treasure-map tattoo. And there's plenty more canvas left for further tattooing, if I run short of stuff to paint in the future!

      "D'yarr, I'll get yez someday, ye fishy milk-livered ********ing ***** of a ****-*******ing ****-****er!"

    • By pcktlnt
      Was attempting tattoos and didn't like the mess I made. I started over by dunking in simple green (regretting that decision). Attempt #2! I should document my progress, this should help push me. Using grey primer because I can't find my white primer.
      09299: MSP Core Colors: Grey Primer

    • By pcktlnt
      Hello all. I failed to keep up with the WIP due to rushing to completion. This was my Reaper entry and he received a solid bronze. I'm quite proud of two parts of the figure:
      1) The freehand tattoo on his back, it was my first attempt at freehand. ^.^
      2) The water portion of the plinth because I borrowed two blue's from @Mr Melons (thanks!) and set about mixing and painting on the plinth with a completion time of under 10 minutes. ^.^
      I will summarize to the best of my abilities, the information I have garnered from judges and several artists I have spoken with. For now, I present Stieg. He was a wonderful figure to paint and very fun.
      Summary behind the spoiler:

    • By wdmartin
      I finally, finally finished this mini after it sat on my Shelf of Shame staring reproachfully at me for ages.  Total time, start to finish: 1 year 10 months.  Eep.


      There is a WIP thread from roughly a year ago where I got her skin done, which was honestly the hardest part, so I don't know why it took me another year to drag myself into finishing her sharkskin-leather and turtle-shell armor.  The knife is supposed to be obsidian, by the way -- it didn't come out terribly well in the photos, but I painted it black with a layer of Realistic Water after the sealant went on to make it shiny and reflective like volcanic glass ought to be.
      The base is just a bunch of small rocks and glue.  Plus some dried moss.  I am super worried about that moss -- it's so brittle!  I am convinced it's just going to snap off the instant someone grabs the base without positioning their fingers carefully.
      Over all, I'm reasonably pleased with the outcome, if not with the timeline.
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