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Reaper for Ghost Archipelago stieg and sea elf


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Am painting up Stieg Brinegrog as a crewman/bosun and Sushanthe as either a warden or a pearl diver.


Was a bit annoyed with the stieg figure as smaller than I was expecting. Had a go at tattoos just using a 0.4 black drawing pen. Will glaze back over them. 


Am deliberately trying to have brighter colours for the sea elf so went for dark skin as a contrast and will highlight everything back up. 





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Thanks everyone


5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks good!

You mentioned to be annoyed by Stieg's size, I figured him to be a 40mm base guy, like a troll or ogre?

Is he just a 25mm base guy?


He has a small square base that fits easily on a 25mm round base. He is presented in my view as a 'large' figure, bruiser but actually is relatively short. The newer Tre Manor, Damian Helthorne, etc Reaper human figures are much taller and more imposing. In fairness he is well fed so probably a lot of metal goes into making him! 

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