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New Pumpkinhead Folk in the Works

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1 hour ago, Rigel said:

"Even *I* would never send you to Gary, Indiana!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hyUdVz-5lU 

Texas does seem to attract good mini-sculptors, for some reason. 


Gary used to be an industrial town. Now it's a ghost town. Eastern Long Island, where I came from, is a lot like that now that Grumman's & the other defense companies are gone.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I hear Bruce Springsteen doing My Hometown.


I am glad you like my sculpts. I never did any work with green stuff before I moved down here nine plus years ago.

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Here are the now primed & based first two Pumpkinheads with the Haunted Gravestones:



The other side now:



AND with a couple of older Pumpkinheads:



I dug out the two types of Pumpkinheads for size comparison & to match up the bases. I will be doing some Pumpkinheads with the Reaper style Jack O'Lanterns as well.

The Old Guys have a certain charm. Plus I will expanding the Witches' Coven ...love Witches.

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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

With primer on the details become clearer.

They will look great when painted.


I second the love for witches!


...that is part of the reason for the white over black;  i.e.,  it easier to see the details with my tired, old eyes.

I had the pleasure of getting to know a few Wiccan Girls; they were all charming. I think my fondness for Witches predates that, but it added to the feeling.

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


He is really excited to see us!


And I like his pants!


Thanks, Glitter...glad you like him. Now that you mention it, he does look excited...or just plain nuts.


21 minutes ago, Rigel said:


Great eyes! and those Jacks clearly have amazing job satisfaction. Excellent motley and shrooms!


Thanks for the reply, Rigel. I am glad you like him & his eyes; they reflect his whacko nature.

I did a bunch of small mushrooms that will be sprouting up on the bases of various pieces.

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    • By Thrym
      Yeah, another base. Shocker, I know.  It's one I've been thinking about for years, basically, since I bought the beads that are in it.
      So, the premise:
      I use the air-dry clay hexes from the previous project as well as these beads I bought at Walmart so long ago. The Bugle Beads are hex-shaped and iridescent.  The color on the tube is labeled as "black iris."

      I build a flat of the hexes and use the beads upright on a portion of the base to represent an unusual terrain.  I use a pill bottle shell along one edge to build the terrain upward on that edge more easily.  I'll peel that off later.  
      So here's the bottom layer of the piece.

      The front layer is as high as it will go.  The next layer will go to the top of the beads and also be flat.  The last layer will be more like a hill on the other side of the beads.
      Now if this was for a mech it would look like pilings holding back the earth.  I will use more of them here than just along the fronts.
      Stay tuned. Enjoy. Please, stay safe.
    • By malefactus
      Another month another batch of Mushrooms & Associates. This month is a bit lighter than last. I started it toward the end of last month's Gang...which is still waiting on some Show Off photos. 
      I am also hoping to squeeze in some Pumpkinheads & other Halloween strangeness elsewhere. More of that later. For now, The Mushrooms:

      With the ever popular Leo Sizechek for comparison:

      I got the idea to do a Mushroom/Goblin Wizard from this illustration:

      Mine is a bit seedier:

      A Goblin Faerie sidekick seemed appropriate. Appropriate or not I wanted to try out some paper punch butterfly wings with a foam coating inner layer:

      AND base coated & ready for color:

      More whenever.
    • By malefactus
      I found a wonderfully bizarre illustration of an armored Rhino by James Christensen. It is just my kind of Beasty:

      AND I just happened to have a toy Rhino grazing in The Vault:

      SO I started working on making my own version of the illustration:

      At this point the green stuff work is done with the exception of some touch ups & embellishments:

      The Rhino in his prime...so to speak:

      I thought I would be more motivated to finish painting the Big Guy if I post here as well as in The Last Hurrah Thread...I have a lot of strange thoughts.
      Today I started adding some colors to the base. Photos are likely...sometime or other.
    • By malefactus
      A few days ago I started a new type of Mushroom based on some Pinterest polymer clay pieces like this one:

      This one & his kin are quite a bit larger than the ones I make, but the detail is something to aspire to.
      Here is a step by step of my Mushroom in progress up to yesterday. This is the plumber's epoxy dolly:

      The Kneadotite (green stuff):

      I use the left over green stuff to make smaller versions of the Big Mushroom...you probably already notice that:

      There will be more of this type in varying sizes AND their bases coming along soon...or eventually.
    • By malefactus
      I have been wandering through the wonderfully inspiring photos on Pinterest. The Mushroom pictured there have created a need to make some new Faerie Folk Mushrooms of my own.
      I put up pic on my Last Hurrah Thread, but since this may be a protracted effort, I thought I would post here as well. These are a few of the ones I am doing versions of:


      The first stage dollies were made on Wednesday:

      Green stuffing & additional dollies on Thursday. 

      Friday was lost to H&R Block, AND yesterday was a daze. Today my enthusiasm clicked into high gear.
      The result was the Two Tall Mushroom got their green stuff done, along with some work on the supporting cast:

      Since these pics were taken, I have done a base coating of black on the Tall Fellows, & finished the green stuffing on the medium sized mushrooms.
      Have I mentioned that I have a tendency to get carried away?
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