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Taupe Bulk

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I needed a mini for a certain monster for a game tomorrow, so over the past few days, I made it. 

First I grabbed Zavala's excellent design (here, https://www.shapeways.com/product/XWJQG4MSX/umber-hulk) and printed and assembled it.

Then I basecoated it white. 

Nearly everything else is Daler Rowney's burnt umber ink. I mixed it with a bunch of water and matte medium for the first few coats, and gradually built that up for a few coats. I forgot how much that mixture beads up, but it gave a nice mottled look that carried through the later layers. Then I went back over the shell areas with a couple coats of pure ink (there's a red ink coat on there in the middle), and used it to darken and blend some of the light spots.

The eyes, claws, and the teeth of the outer mandibles are all I had to touch up with paint.


The base is generic stamped greenstuff with the hulk's feet imprinted into it.


Pretty far from my finest work, but not bad for from-scratch in a few days. Overall, I'm happy with this result.



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Wow - thanks for the backstory - I would have been impressed in any case as you have done an excellent job capture the look of Chitin

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