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I find fender washers (the kind of washer with extra small holes) make good bases to give a little weight and solidity to off-balance figures.


If epoxied on a scrap of parchment paper, the epoxy fills the hole and the paper peels right off when it's dry.

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Ditto on the washers.  I had some "dreggs" that I tried kitbashing (out of some Warhammer 40K Kroots) that were in frustratingly dynamic way-over-the-center-of-gravity poses, very prone to falling over at the slightest encouragement, but putting them on some metal washers helped immensely.  Of course, it helped that my minis were mostly plastic and epoxy -- with a little wire for pinning -- so that meant that the overhanging portions were much lighter than if they had been PEWTER ... but the figures above look to be plastic as well, so I'd hope the same benefit applies.


Also, the extreme caricatures of the Night Goblin heads plus the relatively more sedate proportions of the gnoll bodies (albeit very beastly with those digitigrade legs) make for some fascinatingly disturbing models.  I could really envision using models such as these for a more sinister sort of "Grimm Fairy Tales" branch of fantasy gaming where none of the players gets to peek through the Monster Manual or the DMG, there's a lot more mystery to the Dark Forest, and even "mere" goblins are something quite sinister and loathsome, even for more experienced adventurers.  Toward that end, I'd be inclined to paint them up in more muted colors -- probably under-painted in brown tones -- rather than the high-contrast, bright and garish colors I've come to associate with Warhammer Fantasy Battle.


... but regardless, I'm very curious to see what your take on them will be!  :)  I look forward to more progress pictures!

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Those are UBERCOOL conversions. The heads go WONDERFULLY with the bodies. GREAT START!

I usually remove the attached base as best I can & pin the minis to a sceniced base.

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I was surprised with how mean those ones did come out... Happy, but surprised. They're going to be a little bit on the scary side, I think. I originally planned to have these done in a really bright style but I think now I'm going to go with @Jordan Peacock 's idea of more muted tones, probably with some gruesome details if I'm feeling up to it. (My painting skills are really rusty...)




These guys, on the other hand... They seem like they might fit in @malefactus 's world. Small, cute, and very worrying. ::D: I had a hard time getting a picture of them, but once I get pins in their feet and can start painting them, it should be easier to see what they really look like. Might need a bit of green stuff to fix some transitions first. Then they're getting painted up in the most malefactian style I can manage. ^_^


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4 hours ago, Rigel said:

This switcheroo just made both sets more faerie-tale, eerie, and unsettling. JOB WELL DONE!




6 hours ago, canuckotter said:




These guys, on the other hand... They seem like they might fit in @malefactus 's world. Small, cute, and very worrying. 

Something similar might be achieved by combining these same night Gobbos with the heads of Skaven. ***makes notes***



Also, what Pingo and Jordan said about Fender Washers. (The original purpose of them is to spread the load exerted by fasteners over a broad area. Such as when a steel bolt fastens softer materials together, like timber or thin sheet metal.)

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Ah! The Noble art of Kitbashing!


Great results!

Sometimes one can have that "why didn't I think of that" feeling.

These are awesome!

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No matter how you feel about G.W., they do make some wonderful plastic parts that lend themselves to imaginative creating.

I am DELIGHTED you are having fun with the stuff I sent. It is so easy to lose yourself in the creative process.

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The big headed goblins are funny but I really love the look of the gnoll headed ones.

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Started base coating the gnollblins. I tend to start with the medium shadow colour and work my way up from there. These critters are gonna be bright. ::D:



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    • By Lidless Eye
      Kislev lives on in our hearts forever. 

      I've continued my theme of building the Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Crew with a Steppes feel.  The majority of these are built using bodies and arms from the Crew kit, with some Empire/Mordheim heads and other outsourced bits.






      The last batch wound up being more generic Pirate types.

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      Finishing up the Goblins from the Bones 4 core set.

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      I doubled down on the armoured goblins from Bones 4 so I could do some simple headswaps and weapon swaps. I only used heads and weapons from the set itself.
      Really simple speed paint paint job, skin tone is Israeli sand grey primer, washed with Army Painter strong tone (brown) and then edge highlighted back up with light grey. 
      Really like the look of these models, manage to look scary despite short stature. 
      The hut is a 3d printed chicken coop from Infinite Designs, and there is a Frost grave plastic wizard in the background there as well. 

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      A memory from long ago:

      My roommates, Max and Winnie, were goin’ to the coast for the weekend. I would have liked to have gone along, but it was strongly implied that there would be much slap and tickle, and I didn’t wanna be a third wheel, and I did have things to do in town, and so I remained.

      I was a dedicated Warhammer player at the time, and there were miniatures to paint. I spent a good chunk of the weekend painting goblins. And when Max and Winnie returned from the coast, it occurred to me that perhaps the slap and tickle had been rather abbreviated. Winnie in particular was burnt in that way that indicates that NO one is allowed within three feet of her. I mean, she was SUNBURNT.

      I was kind of surprised -- she had dark hair and olive skin, whereas Max was more of the glow in the dark German/Irish guy -- but apparently, he’d remained under shade more, because he was a little red, but you could durn near see Winnie in infrared, she was so burnt. Get your hand within six inches, and you could feel the heat!

      And apparently, sleeping that Sunday night was a bit of an issue. There was literally no way the poor woman could lie down without feeling like she was on a well upholstered griddle.

      And on Monday morning, she’d had enough. “Doc?” she asked. “Do you know of any over the counter medications that will stop the agony of a serious sunburn? Or do you possibly have any drugs that will flatten me and turn my brain off until I start to peel?”

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      “But the pain stops right away?”

      “Within a minute or two of application.”

      “Doc, the only parts that don’t hurt right now are my scalp, the inside of my mouth, and the soles of my feet. It literally HURTS to BLINK. Where can I get this stuff, and how soon?.”

      And we went out and got a large jar of Noxzema, and she and Max went into the bathroom and coated her with the stuff. And while I did not have any role in the slathering, I found her agonized groans of pain... and then pleasure, as the pain faded... more than a little chucklesome. And by the time their skins had absorbed literally most of the jar of the stuff, they emerged, much relaxed and refreshed, and able to wear clothes without constant low grade agony, and I was treated to a lovely dinner by the grateful unsuffering. And all was well.

      The following evening, Winnie looked like a pox victim. Thing about Noxzema? It cools the skin and kills the pain, but it also causes burnt skin to die quicker, and it blisters. Not PAINFUL blisters, but the skin’s moisture pools up under the dead skin of a bad sunburn, and makes you look like you’ve broken out in little pea-sized blister things. She looked like she had the plague.

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      By Thursday morning, we’d resorted to stripping her down to her skivvies and literally peeling her flesh off in strips. And SHEETS. She was literally peeling in sheets. Max in particular was fascinated by this, and began trying to perforate the dead skin in order to get as large a sheet off at one time as possible. And his fingernails were apparently irritating, and before long, she was screeching and growling and cursing like a sailor to get Max to stop trying to peel hanky-sized chunks off, it felt weird enough as it WAS!

      And while Max kept trying to beat his personal best, I looked at the sheets of skin I was peeling off. An inch wide, or more, and sometimes two or three inches long. Translucent, sort of, but a sort of taupe color. Tatty. Torn. And I wondered...

      And I ran and got a wire clothes hanger, hung it on the lamp next to me, and began hanging strips of human flesh from it, as I peeled them off Winnie’s back and shoulders. Yes, I know it’s weird. Even Max noticed. “What are you doing?”

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      And Winnie slept better than ever that night. And in the morning, I looked at the hanger with the strips of skin on them. They were still a sort of tannish color, and had dried. They looked all the world like tattered little banners.

      I picked the hanger up and held it sideways. The strips had dried and stiffened, and now they looked like tattered flags, flying in the wind. The experiment had been a success. I took the hanger with the strips of flesh, and ran to my workbench...   ...and an hour later, several of the Goblins of the Evil Rune were now carrying staffs with banners, flying in the wind. They looked great.

      When Winnie saw them, she was a little bumfuzzled. Max, on the other hand, thought they looked awesome. And upon realizing the sheer METALNESS of a goblin army, charging into battle flying flags and banners made from HER FLESH, she actually took a weird sort of pride in it. It's not like SHE was using the skin any more. Me? I just liked they way they looked, and the way they almost flapped in the wind...

      Couple months later, I was at a store to play a game. A guy was examining my critters. “Okay, what did you make the banners out of?” he asked. “I use tissue paper, but yours don’t have a texture. What, did you coat them with something? What IS that stuff?”

      And without missing a beat, I answered, “Human flesh.”

      “No, seriously.”

      “Sunburnt human flesh, peeled slowly from the spine of a screaming woman,” I said. Completely deadpan. Making eye contact.

      He hesitated. “Seriously? Sunburn peelings?”

      I nodded.

      “And what did the woman think of this?”

      “At first, she screamed,” I said. “But later, she sorta got into it.” Still completely deadpan.

      He looked at me funny, and walked off.

      Later, I stomped his Bretonnian army into the ground. He kept looking at the goblins’ banners....
    • By EvilJames
      Malak breathed the cold air and smiled. This day had been long coming. The journey to the Frozen City had been difficult, wizards of his like had difficulty procuring supplies in the so called civilized lands, even in the rough towns near Felstad. Still, goblins could adapt to any situation and this one was no different. The eclectic band he had managed to scrape together stood with him now on the outskirts of the ancient ruin, ready to stake their claim at the riches that lie within. His first in command was his apprentice Grubb a Weiben goblin from the Reaping lands to the south.
      After him was Murdo an infantrygoblin of the Heartstabber tribe of Impact Crater in the Oldhammer Mountains, and a likely candidate for leadership over the rest should it be required.

      Polg and Mog were Manorheim goblins from just north of the Reaping lands and reasonably useful with a bow and axe, respectively.

      Gik and Moosh were from a nearby Bighead tribe. While both were foolish creatures, Gik was good with his bow and Moosh was quick with his feet and his dagger.

      They were also good with animals. Fearful and mistrusting of dogs they had brought with them giant rat creature they had tamed and named Squeaker.

      His final member was a brute of a goblin named Malg from the Thunderbolt Mountains.

      Louts and fool’s the lot of them, but competence cost gold, and that was coming soon. Besides if they die, at least he'll be able to buy better help on the next excursion.

      Unfortunately, Murdo had been less competent than hoped, dying shortly after impaling the "mouse wizard" on his spear. The Manorhiem goblins suggested calling in a trap expert from their village by the name of Grinner. Hopefully this one will prove more useful.

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