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Swamp Witch Sophie AKA Sophie 2017 WIP


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Finally got her doodads painted:-





Starting from the right:-

Bundle of plants (Medium Olive > Brown Wash > 1:1 Medium Olive/Iraqi Sand),

Tooth on a string (Cork Brown > Brown Wash > Cork Brown, Bonewhite on the tooth),

Voodoo doll (Cork Brown > Brown Wash > Cork Brown > 1:1 Cork Brown/Bonewhite with Bronze eyes),

Potion (Warlord Purple), I tried to pick out the skull on the bottle by painting it white with black eye and nose holes, then glazing over it with Warlord Purple, not too sure I was successful.

Sheathed dagger (Leather Brown > Brown Wash > Leather Brown > 1:1 Leather Brown/Bonewhite).


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Painted her glove (at least I think it's a glove) 1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > 1:1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash.

And then her spear (shaft is Parasite Brown > Brown Wash > 1:1 Parasite Brown/Iraqi Sand, with Cork Brown bindings and an Oily Steel head).


Now I can't put it off any longer, I need to decide what colour her wings are.

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17 hours ago, Cicciopiu said:

You already used 3 main colors (2 complementary!), so, maybe (just my opinion)  you may paint the wings in blue (upper triangle) and the dragon in red (lower triangle) ^_^

That was my initial thought as well. Connecting with the green and magenta could be another option. 

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Thanks for all the colour theory advice, it's not something I've ever got a good grasp of myself.


As he appears to be some sort of sea serpent, I was going to paint the dragon blue (possibly turquoise). 

Before reading any comments I also made a halfhearted attempt at basecoating her wings purple (my painting mojo is low at the moment), I don't know if that colour combo would work, or if it's going to make her a little busy.

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