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Swamp Witch Sophie AKA Sophie 2017 WIP


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Working on random stuff:-




Finally got her wings finished.

The skin parts were done with Hexed Lichen > Black Wash > Hexed Lichen > 2:1 Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Ghost Grey > Thinned Hexed Lichen glaze > Purple Wash.

The bony parts are Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash > Iraqi Sand > 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite > Bonewhite.


I don't paint wings very often, so I don't know if I've painted them right, but at least they're done.

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On 12/17/2019 at 9:53 PM, Darcstaar said:

Good to see her getting more love.

That purple is fantastic.



Yeah, I didn't realise she'd been sitting around unfinished for quite this long.







With Sophie finished, I've started on her pet dragon(?).

So far the scales have been done in Turquoise > Purple Wash > Turquoise Drybrush > 1:1 Turquoise/Ghost Grey Drybrush > Chrome Drybrush.


I've also realised how foolish it was to fully assemble this one, painting the inner side of the dragon is proving to be an exercise in frustration.

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More progress:-




Finished off the dragon.

The skin was done with Jade Green > Purple Wash > Jade Green > 1:1 Jade Green/Ghost Grey. Then he got Iraqi Sand teeth and Ochre Yellow eyes with Scarlett Red pupils.


Just got to do the cobblestones on the base and give the whole thing a good tidy up.

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So I did some serious thinking the last few days, and I've decided to leave the larger base I'd attached the whole thing to untouched.

I was planning to blend in the integral base with some pumice paste like usual, but with the dragon wrapped around the edge it was always stick out and look a bit odd.

It's only there to keep the bare metal off my glass shelves anyways.


So with that, she's finished:-




(Looking her up on the main Reaper site to get the model number for the show-off thread, I've discovered I've had her spear hand attached wrong all this time, no wonder it was so hard to paint.) 

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