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28mm Fantasy Troll Meatwalker


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Hi everyone.

Welcome to our 2nd project. The Meatwalker 28mm scale creature and rider.

This miniature was sculpted by Johan Tieldow and has been master cast by Lancaster Castings in resin. It will also be cast in metal by Macrocosm Miniatures.

We are looking to get £250 to put this into full production. Its a big miniature and has so much character to it.

Meat Walker Painted By David Stafford Meat Walker Painted By David Stafford

 We are offering this miniature in High quality resin and metal (see reward levels).

Supplied with a 50mm round base (as seen in the pictures).

It is a multipart miniature and requires assembly and painting (and pinning for the metal version).

Suitable for a variety of different wargames and table top roleplay games, this would look great on the battlefield or in a dungeon somewhere. 

If we hit our funding for the production moulding of these we will look at getting some alternate heads, arms and riders made. This would delay the fulfilment on these alternative versions only.

Alternate Sculpt Ideas Alternate Sculpt Ideas

 And we feel a dwarf alternative for the pilot would be a good option too.

Alternate Driver Alternate Driver

£1500 - More Options! 2 more versions will become available with alternative goblin pilots and troll arms. These will become options for you to add to your pledge.

£2000 - Dwarven Pilots! We will do a set of 3 Dwarven Pilots for you to add to your collection. You will be able to order the pilot individually to replace the Goblin Pilot. 

Add Ons (extra Trolls!)

If you would like more than one Troll and rider then you can get 2 for £40.
Or 3 for £50. Postage is free for the additional sculpts. For metal extras see the reward level.
If we unlock extra parts we will give you the option of which trolls to choose.

Original Sculpt Original Sculpt
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