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New Bones Dungeon Dwellers Colors: How to Use

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Darn it.  I really don't need more paint right now, I mean honestly... *grumbles my way back to the store to place an order*


Seriously though, thanks for the overview.  Shame that these colors aren't going to be available individually, there's a few of them in there that I could anticipate myself using heavily...

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3 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

Looking at the online images the colors in the monster set look similar to some of the HD greens and reds.  Are they more different in person?

My short answer would be yes.


I've got most of the HD originals. I even did a comparison of some of the greens last night, since I'm trying to fit my HD collection in a slightly-too-small Plano case and need to jettison any near duplicates. I didn't notice any close matches, though. Based on the swatches, I was expecting gnoll pelt (or is it fur?) or troll skin to be very close to jungle camo and mossy green.  They're really quite distinct, and both a bit more vibrant.


I've been painting with troll skin today and like it a lot -- it's got more "pop" to it than you'd expect from the swatch. The goblin skin is a unique orange brown. And orc skin is really great. It seems a natural fit for depicting faded natural or decaying things. Among other things, it's a fantastic rotting zombie color, which the set doesn't otherwise have.


If there were any similarities, I might say the kobold color is pretty close to some of the other dark bricky reds in the HD set, maybe crimson red. But I usually have a hard time distinguishing dark reds, so take that with a grain of salt.

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28 minutes ago, ced1106 said:

Any chance of a period article of tips to use a particular Reaper paint color or triad? 


Way too often, I'll see a paint color and wish I knew these other ways to use them!


I think that blogs like Wappel's or Bird With a Brush may be better venues for this sort of thing, as your question gets into the artsy fartsy details which artists are likely to describe more. Even what is listed for these paints is just an idea of what can be done; they aren't the only way to use paint by a long shot. 

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