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Advice for a newbie?

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Hi everyone,


I've been lurking here for a while and decided to take the plunge and join.


I started gaming last year, and one of my games used miniatures, so I ventured out to find one for my character. Maria Roseblade was perfect for my character Martina and I've been hooked on Reaper ever since. Pretty quickly I decided I wanted to paint her and even though I'm clumsy with little patience, discovered I really enjoyed it! I hope to post pictures soon.


My question is, could anyone recommend some good books on painting technique? So far I'm a klutz at shading and pretty much any technique more advanced than slapping some paint on. I've checked out Jenova's website (great stuff!) and have printed some things out to try, so please recommend websites too if you know of good ones. Anything would be appreciated!


It's nice to meet y'all!

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Well unfortunately there are not really any good books on the subject. You can check out Harbringer Magazine which is devoted to the subject. Your best way to learn though is to use these boards and to checks out places like Dr.Faust's Painting Clinic, Zaphod's Website, and a few others. Give me a bit here and I will dig up some addresses for you.

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Hello Kellinator -


have you seen kevin dallimore's tutorials at wargamesfoundry?



(the best one to look at is http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/pdf/3COLOUR2.pdf)


His style uses very vibrant colors --which some ppl don't like, so it's up to you -- and doesn't have a lot of advanced blending, but i think for me as a beginner it was the easiest technique to learn and get really good minis painted. the guides are for foundry paints, but you can basically use any paint you have.


the basic style is black primer the whole mini, then use the dark base colors for each area (leaving black lines and shadows from the primer). Then paint each area with a medium shade color, leaving some of the darker shade in the recesses, and then a final highlight with the lightest of the color. well, my explanation is pretty vague, but you'll get it if you read his guides.

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AS for actual books, I'd recommend, if you can get it "Heroes for Wargames", by Stuart Parkinson, Ed. Paper Tiger.


Also, The Eavy Metal Warhammer 40,000 Painting Guide, From Games Workshop covers step by step painting and some simple but effective techniques.


Amazon.com might be a good source for these .


Also, the CMON Annual 2003 is a must have, IMO. Not much in the way of tutorials, but it is an exciting show of some of the finest models out there. This one you can order directly from coolminiornot.com

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