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Greebo Primal Scales


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13 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

They do a good job of making their sportsball minis not look so much like sportsball minis.. they have some amazing undead from their first KS



I've been told by an esteemed sportsball manufacturer that this is how you make sportsball minis work as a business model.  A lot of them will work great as RPG minis or Warhammer substitutes, etc.

A good number of them even have optional shoulder pads or optional weaponry, so that they can be used as either.

And, of course, Guild Ball is somehow a sport that uses weapons.

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3 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Ooooh, those are nice looking... 



... Wonder what @Glitterwolf would do with them ::P:



These are very nice sculpts, but these are football players.

I have pledged heavy in Lost Kingdoms Cuetzpal Empire so I'm going to get a whole army of Lizzies.

And I already have a "few" Reaper and other lizzies/dinos waiting, not to mention Bones IV with all the Dinos.


So I'm not really interested in these at the moment.

I like the sculpts but I rarely buy bloodbowl type minis.



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