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Back in Oils, Painting Fictional Portraits, a Pingo Randomalia

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So among other other other things, I started some oil paintings this summer. Portraits, sort of, of characters, sort of, inspired by the vampires in a game I'm playing in, as well as some fiction I'm writing. (Okay, I guess I have been a little busy...)





This part of this painting is still at about this stage. Still working details of anatomy through.


As with my minis, the underpainting is Burnt Umber and white. Unlike on my minis, the white is Lead White.


Here's another:




Just two colors at this stage: Lead White and Burnt Umber.


The teeth aren't correctly placed. I'm fixing that in upper layers, hopefully ...

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This is the third of the paintings, as it now is. It will have some nudity before long, so I guess I will have to bite the bullet and find a reliable image hosting site. (I hear Flickr isn't bad.) ATM she's still PG. She's all underpainting except for the hair and red fabric.




Would people like painting notes?


This (like the other two) was an underpainting of Burnt Umber and Lead White. I started with a thin veil of Burnt Umber on the panel and then lifted the paint with Q-tips dipped in paint thinner for the whites, to develop the composition and give it some brilliance. After that dried I worked up the image with layers of Lead White and Burnt Umber, almost none of it mixed. Once the underpainting was detailed enough I started adding colors. This is a layer of a bluish near-black mixed from Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue, and Ultramarine Blue which was laid over a thin layer of wet Burnt Umber to give it warmer tones. The highlights are mostly a fairly dark grey mixed from the near-black and Lead White. The red is almost pure Mars Red, shadowed with thick blendings of the near-black.


I can show earlier images of the panels and how I got here, if people are interested.

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This one's looking a little different.


Eyes inspired by my suuuper disturbing-looking subconjunctival hemorrhage incident last spring (Me to eldest: "How does it look?" Eldest: "Patient Zero.")



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