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Sprays and humidity

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I decided to try white primer for the first time this week (I've been using gray). After it dried, it seemed rather chalky to me, it comes off in my hand a little bit, and the texture doesn't look very even. Does unevenness just show up more with white, or have I fallen victim to the dreaded Atlanta humidity?


And does anyone have any tips on beating humidity? I'm dreading the thought of not being able to get a decent finish till October. :unsure:

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It stinks. I'm really eager to start painting the new minis and I keep looking at them thinking "Is this really that bad? Do I need to strip it or should I just start painting and hope the paint covers it?"


Nice to see some more Atlantans around here! ::):

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The trick I use...and I don't know if there is even any science behind it......

is this:


I heat the mini up with a hair dryer. I then run outside, spray for about 30 seconds. I come back inside. When that coat dries completely, I check it for granules, then I repeat the process up until I get a complete prime. It takes time, but I've had some success with it.


I think that Whiz even goes through the trouble to heat up his can of primer when he has the challenge...


Another option is brush on primer.

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I actually spray outside...but for no more than 30 or so seconds at a time.

I've made some "special" miniature holders that consist of 1-1/2 pvc pipe, industrial velcro, and blue tack. That's the rig I prime with. I stick the mini to it, hit it with the hairdryer, go right outside my front or garage door, spray for 30 seconds, come back in. I then repeat the process until I'm done, making sure to let the primer dry between coats.

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