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Every Dungeon and town square needs statues.  And some of us don't have all day (or a deep enough silverware drawer) to spend on each one.  I don't have a use for a lady carting around several hundredweight of Draconic Head Cheese, but the sculpt's just too nifty to leave in the box of shame.  So, a commemorative statue of Lady Janan of Elmoria it is.





77039: Janan, Female Dragon Slayer by Julie Guthrie


Just so we all know where we're starting.




Start with a Dark brown basecoat.  This one's raw umber, but Reaper's beloved brown liner will work a treat.




Drybrush with just about any relatively opaque light blue.  This will look terrible.  Just go with it.  If you really loved this figure it wouldn't be getting turned into terrain.




Draw the rest of the owl.  A glaze of something seafoam green and somewhat translucent.  This is something called "Bayberry" in Folkart's catalog.  Seal with your favorite flat acrylic.  Now I've just got to build a fountain to stick her in.

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"This will look terrible.  Just go with it.  If you really loved this figure it wouldn't be getting turned into terrain."


I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this.  :D


You know, I think you've hit the nail on the head: This mini is ideal as a STATUE of a triumphant hero.  I suppose I need to find the right plinth, fountain, etc., to mount it upon.  :D

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      This is a plastic figure of an extinct mammal known as a Uintatherium, based on a painting by Charles R. Knight.  These started showing up in bags of chinasaurs around the time Gary Gygax was statting up the axe-beak, which was a Marx Diatryma.  Uintatheriums in high quality army man plastic are still in production to this day, but say "China" instead of "Hong Kong" on their belly.  I might have a soft spot for cheap toys.
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      So my nieces are in town visiting from the east coast. The little one (6) loves painting anything, she was painting clothes pins while I was there the other day. The older one (10) loves art in general. So I thought it'd be a great thing to introduce them to minis painting. So with a little guidance they painted their first minis yesterday.
      6 year old painted these:
      The 10 year old did these:
      I was really impressed by both of the girls. I left a bunch of craft paint, brushes, and some minis there so maybe they'll have done more last night. I'll find out today or later next week. It was great fun.
    • By Arc 724
      So I saw Janan and saw this in my head. I bought the piece and modded it to fit as you can see here. I have conferred with Ub3r about it a bit and I still can not find what I'm looking for. 
      Attitude: Contemplation after a long battle and/or about to step into the final battle. She is tired but not worn out. She is resolute to see this to the end but deep down wishes it would have never come to pass.
      Artistic Direction: In the last two photo's you will see some lighting coming from the right side of the image (One closer than the other). The idea is to to have OSL in the photo. The shadows cast will also be painted. 
      The metal piece you see in the lower three is a place holder (obviously).  I can't seem to focus the image in my head to figure out who or what is standing there I bought slain miniature from Other World miniatures and didn't like how big they are on the Vignette base I was thinking of using Derek the Dim from Red-Box-Games. The pose and face of the miniature kind of has that, "I challenge you" appearance. I bought the Paladin Initiate and he was huge and didn't fit very well. The War Maiden did not either. I also thought, if I could find another figure that is standing at the bottom who fought with her in the battle. They too are tired yet contemplative about the end of the battle. My original thought was someone leaning on a weapon.  Would like some help on this from my fellow Formnite and see what you think. I have not found a miniature that fits yet and goes with the scale of Janan. Janan seems to be a much much smaller miniature than normal. like a true 25mm (bottom of feet to eye) size. That is why I am looking at RBG miniatures as Tre Manor sculpts in small portions, hands, eyes and feet. 

      Thanks for stopping by. Y'all's insight would be awesome. Pictures speak a thousand more words than words.
    • By Chaoswolf
      Yes, it's a little late, but here is the group paint figure from my box in round 2 of the Box of Goodwill.
      In no particular order; these are the talented folks who worked on her:
      Mad Jack
      David Brawley
      Thes Hunter
      Jasper the 2nd
      Thankfully, all they left me to do was try and not wreck all of the good work that they did.
      Oh, and the dragon's EYE.
      Which is why it took me so long to get it finished. I also added some grass to the base.
      Great job, everyone!


    • By Komplex
      So I bought minis for characters I have in a written rp that has literally zero use for minis. I bought them though, simply because I like to have little representations of my characters.
      This is one of said characters, and her name is Shana Holt. She is hopelessly in love with a guard captain, who belongs to Rob, called Simone, and she aspires to be noticed by her, to the point of a little bit odd. 

      Janan, of course, is stood on a dragon head, but Shana is no dragon slayer, she's just a city guard - so Drifter helped me out by trimming the dragon head away from her foot, and then she got rebased. She's got a nice genuine pebble there to rest her foot upon, and her sword has resisted my numerous attempts to sort it the hell out and still has a little bend in it, but murgh.

      And here's a bonus Instagrammed photo.

      So her base is a pebble and some green stuff, savaged with the rear end of one of my paintbrushes. Her paints... Oh gawd.
      -Khorne Red
      -Evil Sunz Scarlet
      -Bloodletter Glaze
      -Kislev Flesh
      -Flayed One Flesh
      -Runelord Brass
      -Nuln Oil
      -Seraphim Sepia
      -Loren Forest
      -Elysian Green
      -Ushabti Bone
      -Menoth White Highlight
      -Thamar Black
      -Bloodtracker Brown 
      -Umbral Umber
      -Cold Steel
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