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Miskatonic Faculty: Professor Brainstein, Mathematics


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Here is a Black Tree sculpt from their remarkably extensive and comprehensive Doctor Who line. This was DW420, Professor Kettlewell, but I've repurposed him as a mathematical genius visiting Miskatonic from Howard University.

I love the hair. 

Bonus points if you recognize the equations! 


He looks like he cares for his abstruse and rarefied mathematical theorems, his coffee, and jaunty bow ties, and that's about it. The shabby suit and body language really help sell the character. Brainstein here is one of my favorites.

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5 hours ago, Cyradis said:

I thought he was a math professor instead of a physics professor :poke:


13 hours ago, alchemist said:

Nice job on this, although he looks kind of depressed about that Schroedinger fellow taking the credit for his equations.

Bonus points to @Cyradis and @alchemist! I assume he consults on solutions to particularly tricky problems, back in the days when 'calculator' was a job description rather than an object. 

16 hours ago, Warlady said:

Love him!  I want to visit your version of Miskatonic!

Many thanks! It's really a nice place when the standard human-consensus 'reality' is behaving as expected. Less nice when there are...incursions. :;,;:

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