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Redd Knekk

Reaper Stormwing White Dragon (Update #3))

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I started this project yesterday with Reaper Bones Stormwing after painting a blue one. I intended to paint another in blue to replace the one I gave away, but instead I thought it was time to do another white dragon!


My first dragon was white, and I had no concept of painting techniques other than a fledgling understanding of brush control. This was a little over a year ago, so I’m painting this one to do a side by side comparison of how far I’ve come.


I reprimed it white over the black, then went Lothern Blue (Citadel) base. I’ve done some gradual damp/dry brushing to work up gray/blue, gray, now hard transitioning into medium beige.


Next step is going more into the whites now that the undertones are there. Breast scales are not undertoned, just straight gray. Going for pink/purple/ice blue highlights...almost like pearlescent finish on horns. I’ll figure it out on the wings and breastplates.


Advice welcome!!










Edited by Redd Knekk
Toned down to where I want it now. Kinda icy... on to the wings before coming back for touch ups...
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Looking forward to see it done!

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Darn typos...
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