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First and Last, a Giant project.

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This is the first mIni I ever painted.  It is a Ral Partha figure made in 1977. It is likely  I painted it around 1983.  (age 9) 

Tensor Enamel paints.  Well played with if not actually well taken care off. 

I quit painting when I left for college, and all my paints dried out.  Returning to the Hobby in 2013 with bones I 

I found a new copy of the Giant at ReaperCon this year, and really want to paint it for the contrast in skill level. 


Im not actually sure what kind of giant I would use this for, he is a different scale from my Reaper Giants - although he is pretty close to the fire giant princess. 

an image search shows he is a hill giant, but he is incompatible with the Reaper Ones I really like.




started off with idea of using the same color choices: 

Day 1 





but there is no way a giant would die his own cloak that color.  I hadn't finished the shading and highlighting but I knew I hated it.

pulled up some fur cloak images, decided to go with a brown/black/white pattern.   The first attempt left him feeling muddy and dull at table top distance.

(no pictures of this stage) 

well I can fix that, more colors, and higher highlights:   HIs skin was also too close to the cloak, ill just throw some rosy skin/clear red as a glaze on that... 


Day 2 



The club is mostly how I hold it, It will need some serious work eventually. 

this guy is just too heavy for my usual poster tack.  Perhaps I should drill and base him... but again not sure about the weight on a plastic 2" base. 


More things to work on: 

White spots on the cloak.

Hair, brighter but with better definition. 

Helmet.  needs NNM, gems & rivets. 

Armor, finish NMM 

Boots, reduce size of highlights, better blending, straps. 

Basing.  move to 2" and decorate. 







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crossing off work done.
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Love this mini and your paintwork is really doing him justice. Well done!


I’ve the same mini and it was one of the first that I painted too back in the day.

Painted mine as a hill giant, but given as I only had 4 of Ral Parthas various giants at that time they were all used to represent whichever hoard of giants I needed over the years.

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My Mother-in-Law took the kids today, so basing. 

also fixed the cloak, highlights at shoulders and shadows on the bottom. 

worked on some other minis as well, will post Show Off threads if I get another day to work on them. 


Base B.jpg


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Final Comparison Shots - 

Ill just do the single giant in a show off thread... 


If I was a little older I would change my avatar to this giant - perhaps when my beard turns gray. 

It was really helpful for me to have that list of things to work on in the first post of this thread.  I went back and got them all, 

checking them off as I went. 

final compare.jpg

Compare back.jpg

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