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Lady Wifington paints Bones™ - 77501: Minotaur, 77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger, 77441: Ostarzha, Elf Cleric


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So while I've been painting some figures, my delightfully talented wife has been indulging her artistic streak.  Basically she saw my feeble attempts, said "hold my tea!" and proceeded to give me a much needed humility lesson : )

While I've taught her everything I know, I in no way have taught her everything she knows... and it shows a bit, especially with her freehand : )


77501: Minotaur

He's big, he's blue, and he's coming to a labyrinth near you!




77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger

I just adore the shading & freehand on her cloak.




77441: Ostarzha, Elf Cleric

The freehand on this is very subtle and hard to see, but utterly gorgeous.



Translucent Green Weapon Sprue


And while it doesn't really fit here, I can't see myself making a separate topic for it.  Here's one of the green weapon sprue weapons I painted up with Tamiya Clear Green on the blade & pommel.


Whosoever pulls this sword from this lump of blue "granite" will be the Queen of the Kingdom!


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Love the colors on Ostarzha especially, and I like that minotaur, especially the Labrys of the Labyrinth. 

With a big blue bull like that, I'd be tempted to modify a giant into a flannel-clad lumberjack for the full Paul Bunyan experience. ::D: 

Amazing freehand on the ranger's cloak.

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