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2018/19 Lunch Sessions I: Batting clean-up

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Ok! The last weekend of my last show of 2018 is coming up, and the weather is turning cold, so I will have neither script nor sun to keep me from my desk during lunch. Which means I'll be painting!


As I did last year, I'll be keeping a series of WiP threads for my lunch session projects.


First up on the docket this year are three minis that are *this* close to being done already.


The first was my test for plaid for one of my lunch session threads last year. She's a Wizkids barmaid, and she just had a few finishing touches:



Also in the batch is another leftover from an old WiP, the Ral Partha Couatl. Mostly I just need to do the base on this one, but some touching up is necessary on the wings as well.



And finally is a modification of Reaper's Veronica Blaze. I swapped her weapons for lightsabers and gave her lekku a very long time ago, at least eight years. But this Jedi Twi'lek is ready for some quick and dirty OSL so I can call her done.



Here's the checklist of stuff for each.


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2 hours ago, chaosscorpion said:

And to think that I thought you stopped eating lunch and starved to death ::P:

Nothing quite so drastic. :rolleyes:

But this has been a very busy year for theater (which is good, I like acting and directing), so I've had a lot of actual work to do during lunch. If this sort of thing keeps up, I may just go the route of Stern, vanishing from the forums during the warmer months (although I think he was playing golf).


Given that the lightsabers will be blue and the floor will be a polished black, I'm trying to decide what to do with her armor plates. I'm thinking black or white, though I could just do the same blue-grey of her cloth. Anyone have thoughts?

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15 hours ago, Sanael said:

I'm trying to decide what to do with her armor plates. I'm thinking black or white, though I could just do the same blue-grey of her cloth. Anyone have thoughts?


Given that her skin and clothes are already  contrasting colors on the color wheel, I would say light gray/white like Obi-Wan’s shoulder armor in The Clone Wars animated series.

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Not much time today, still getting the desk set for a quick switch from work mode to paint mode.


I lay in the groundwork for the couatl's base. The broccoli provided by the original sculpt was a somewhat noncommittal briar patch of texture, so I decided to make it a patch of fire surrounding the figure. To that end, I augmented the sculpt with liquitex molding paste, several years ago.


Since I run Eberron, I had initially thought to make this puddle of flame a silver fire... But I decided that A) not every Couatl my PCs will meet is an ambassador of the Silver Flame, and B) silver fire is worker going to come out looking like a dull gray mass or be really difficult/time consuming for something I want to clear of the table in a hurry. So rainbow fire it is! My plan is to start with red nearest the figure, then do concentric rings of color as we move toward the edge of the base. So I mixed up some pastels and made the pale base of the flame: a ring of yellow for the warm colors, a narrow band of pale green, and a swath of lavender for the coolest colors.


I'll start pulling up the more intense color next time.


8 hours ago, Darcstaar said:


Given that her skin and clothes are already  contrasting colors on the color wheel, I would say light gray/white like Obi-Wan’s shoulder armor in The Clone Wars animated series.


Thanks for your thoughts! That's similar to where my brain has been leaning on this. Something pale for the armor will also facilitate the Jedi symbol I want to freehand on her shoulders.


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