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How many minis do you paint?


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hopefully I'll finish them during my lifetime.

Heard that...


*looks at the mass of unpainted Crusader grunts on my desk*


Yes masters...I'm coming....


(who needs a hypnotoad when you have a slew of grunts dominating your life?)

Then WHAT are you doing posting on the MB?!?!?!?


Get back to work!!!




Oh, right, I've got minis to paint too... ::P:

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Top Posters In This Topic

I usually have several dozen minis in progress, as well as a model or two. Here's some of the things I'm working on:


12 HYW Archers (Front Rank)

18 Dwarves (BTD)

4 Grimlocks (Wotc, almost done save for wood on their axes)

7 Troglodytes (Wotc)

2 Stirges (Reaper)

1 Dung Monster (Reaper, almost done)

1 Vulture (Armorcast Battletech)

1 M4 Sherman (1/72 scale, kitbash with Italeri/Esci and Hat)

1 StuG IV Late (1/35 scale, DML)

1 Weisel TOW (1/35 scale, AFV Club)



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Now that I think about it, I have trouble painting more than one area at a time on the same mini, so, I'm not one to be painting several models at any given time. ::(:

Bah! <waves hands dismissively> Bah!


I've seen your minis. Working one section at a time must have its merits.


Of course, not handing your minis over to my gamers* probably makes that effort worthwhile. :)



* Table motto: "Oops."

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