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Acrobat-Thief and Undead Goat

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Two recent sculptures I have done.
Acrobat-Thief character 31 mm high made from polymer clay, greenstuff and wire.
And one of those strange things that you can place on the gaming table and make everyone wonder what's going on. An undead demonic goat make from polymer clay, green stuff and wire. Stands about 37 mm at the top of the horns.


undead goat.jpg

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1 hour ago, JeffWoodall said:

Very open, I value the opinions of others on here in order to improve.


OK, then here goes. 


You have the idea for the goat figured out, but your basic skeletal anatomy is fairly distorted from what a goat's anatomy should be.  Now with fantasy you want some exaggeration of certain points to make it cool looking, and you did this with the hooves.  That said, your joints and bone placement of the rest of the body, makes it closer to old-time cartoon look than to something that will strike fear in your player's hearts.  Essentially, your limbs are too straight and tube-like and the ribcage/gut too small.


Here is a copy of your photo with the bones and joints marked in blue:




A few points here:

  • You really don't have a pelvis at all and thus are lacking enough rump. 
  • The front legs have the knee going the wrong direction and the bones need adjustment in position.
  • The shoulder hump should extend above the vertebrae, otherwise it would not have enough muscle to lift the neck and head.
  • The Femur and Tibia on the rear legs are too short, and the heel is missing.  The rear legs should make a Z (or backwards Z) shape. 
  • The rib cage/gut needs to be considerably larger as the gut is a defining characteristic of a ruminant.
  • Finally. I'd say the neck is a bit long for a goat, but that is variable depending on species/breed.


Here is how I would run my armature to correct these issues:




The arrow is pointing to the backwards knee in your sculpt (really the wrist joint).  This bump should really be down lower at the hocks (which are somewhat subsumed by the exaggerated hooves) and the knee (wrist) bulge should be straight or slightly forward.


Here is a goat skeleton anatomy sketch and some real goats for reference:


Image result for labeled goat skeleton


Related image



I hope you don't take this the wrong way.  I really wouldn't have said anything if I didn't think you had the chops to make this excellent. ::D:


Don't Fear The Scalpel!!! TM



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