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Gas Lands Cars and War Rig

Adam Paints

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


I'm not a gamer, just paint for fun and display.

But I love looking at people's work, these look great and I think converting them is a lot of fun.



@Glitterwolf  Converting them is definitely one of my favourite aspects. I'm not a fan of assembling multi-part minis, even though its something  I can do. But being able to convert it so you have a piece that is totally unique is one my favourite parts of this hobby.  


The bottom car, for example, is a real mod podge of bits. The gun is a housing from a bot from Infiniti, Styrene rod for the barrels itself. The bonnet scoop is all green stuff, mesh from kitchen sieve, gas barrel from flames of war tank. the top section is the centre of dreadnaught sarcophagus with the writing scraped off the green stuff. You cant see in the back but there's also a scratch built turbo booster made from some flame of war weapon bits and plasticard. The cable comes from a paper clip. And finally, if you look really close there a magnet embedded in the hood scoop so it can take any of the weapon options in the other photos.


I've been a wargamer and painter for a lot of years but this is the first in a long time I've had a lot of fun doing them



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1 hour ago, Froggy the Great said:

Nice!  What was the base model for your War Rig, and could we please have some closeups?


@Froggy the Great I don't have any close-ups with me but could try and grab some late.


The Lorry itself is from a Hotwheels transport set. I replaced the wheels with some resin ones. The front scoop was made with some plasticard for attachment structure and resin parts. a magnet has been embedded on the bonnet to affix weapons. There's also a magnet on the top of the cabin. I have magnetised several pieces or resin or plasticard scrap which you can see on the roof. It also has an aerial made with a thin piece of wire that also magnetised too. (I have to take it off in death races as it won't fit under the gates)


As for the trailer, it's from a home bargains lorry toy. I ripped the wheelset off and replaced them with the ones on the transporter from the Hotwheels transporter. I had to add some plasticard between them, to get the height needed to line up with the lorry.  I added magnets to the top in several areas for the guns again. Then liberally (intentionally roughly) glued scraps of resin, resin casts and plastic card around to represent some wasteland gangs attempts art adding armour. 


The painting was pretty easy. Spray Primer black. Then quick airbrush with some metal colours in circular patchy ways. Using a brush I added some spot colour to the armour and doors then everything got a spray with my homemade dirty wash.  Next was some sponge chipping with silver and dark browns. 

and a little bit of dry brushing in areas that would really get abused. Next, I added a coat of varnish followed by some steaking with some AK streaking effect enamals. It was then finished off with a variety of pigments from AK and MIG.  


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