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WhiteWulfe Attemps the Seven Day Goblin Challenge - Dragons Don't Share 2014 Edition!

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1 hour ago, Tripleh5133 said:

Good Luck, I can't wait to see how this goes.


Are you sure 2 kcups will be enough????


I kind of can't wait either!


Two kcups being sufficient...  Per mug maybe! :devil:


1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Go for it!

Many thanks for the encouragement!




Okay, so I'm about two hours in or so now, time for a quick break to post an update...  After the first hour, the dragon's mold lines were mostly removed (I say mostly because one always misses a few), and the superglue came out.  That's right, I'm going with what will probably be the harder route by most peoples' opinions, but I greatly prefer not having to worry about gaps later on, so I'll deal with such a problem.  Hoping it doesn't bite me due to the size of this dragon.  Time shall tell.  The hour after that was removing mold lines on the terrain.  Current gameplan is to paint the dragon while it's on the terrain as much as possible, to prevent rubbing off issues.



^ Dragon isn't glued down to that terrain, I just put him there because it tidies things up on my desk slightly, and of course provides a nice place to let the glue set and take hold...  Bond if one wants to use a correct word, I suppose ::P:  The two parts of the top half of the tower have also been glued together, even after not being all that cooperative...  But thankfully, they were coerced into place!



^I'm going to let the glue go somewhat longer before pulling out the greenstuff, but here's how the various gaps are looking..  Some of the wing ones are rather hefty, but that's life.  Nowhere near as bad as some of the ones on Ebonwrath were, let alone the various ones (that I created!) on Wyrmgear!


Anyways..  Back to it!


Heroes are next, because they also need mold lines trimmed, as one might expect ^_^

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1 hour ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

You've got this. The key is not to fight the madness, but be fueled by the madness...

(I haven't tried one of these challenges myself yet, but the above method seems logical)


Mmmm, madness fuel, coming to a convenience store near you soon!  I like the sound of that, using one's own insanity to keep going.  Hey, genius has it's limits, after all, and I'm no genius. ^_^



Taking a short break to stretch, and of course get a bit more food in me, so figured why not show where things are.  Kind of glad that I took @Sylverthorne's advice and started in the morning, because there's no way I would have gotten everything done in just the few hours I had Friday night, doubly so since tiredness hit early, and hit hard.


Paint used: Grey Liner



^Overall status of the desk (the larger stairs part is out of frame, on the right).  Dragon appears to be all "Rawwrrrr, dance for me, my minion-puppets!" or something.  At least with being back there anyways.



^Terrain that's seen grey liner so far.  Ran out of paint in my palette, and stomach was all "GRAWWWWR, FEEED ME!" so I was like "okay, lower half of tower can wait for now, let's get food and a forum post going"



^All five heroes too about an hour and ten minutes, as a frame of reference.  That and it's a LOT easier to spot any mold lines you've missed, as well as basic prep for shadows ^_^



Now, some of you may think this is a bit of a diversion from my initial plan, and... It is.  Funny how a fresh exacto blade digging into your thumb will affect your plans.  Aka I'm letting it heal for a bit longer (with the "aid" of a light covering of superglue to keep it held shut) before I start doing greenstuff work, so terrain wound up happening before dragon's gap filling.  Such is life.

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3 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

Hooray! Another victi- ahh... challenger! You can do this. I have faith. ^^


*snerks* If by victim, you mean grey liner trying to slowly soak your soul... Sure! :P


3 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

You can do it! I totally believe in you! ::D:


Many thanks!


27 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:



Kind of surprised that Glitterwolf didn't go for that, so whoooo!  Yes, it is definitely an interesting, and fun challenge, that's for sure!


I'm strongly suspecting this challenge may finally be the death of my first bottle of grey liner...  Because a bunch of other things didn't kill it off, and now there's a noticeable air bubble in it (aka I have to wait a moment before it'll pour paint!).  Oh well, that's why I have another one sitting on the desk ready to go, right! ^_^


Still just grey liner for paint, hoping to break something else out at some point tonight, since the lower half of the tower is coated, as are the small part of the stairs, and the larger part will be in just a bit.  Would have had more progress, but apparently a pipe burst downstairs, and so I wound up dealing with a plumber checking out my suite for a little while as well, but...  I strongly suspect I'll be able to make my main goal for today, which is everything except the dragon and top half of the tower linered (since those two parts will be getting greenstuff soon), and then quite possibly some of the initial blocking in of a colour or two for the heroes...




Since I'm waiting on the coffee pot, I figure I'd make mention of what plans may be for the heroes...  Given the whole playful nature of where I'm going with this idea, obviously colours are going to be somewhat "goth" and/or "punk", which doesn't really say much, simply because of the fact that a LOT can be classified as such colourwise!  So instead, a few basic thoughts I've had over the past little bit...


The dwarf (Barden Barrelstrap apparently) - black/grey/dark blue

The elf (Arathanel apparently) - black/grey/NEON GREEN (or a bright green of sorts)
the human (Sir Rathan Kranzhel) - black and purple, maybe some grey

the sorceress (Andriessa) - red, with black accents

The Rogue/Thief (Lanelle) - In actual proper leathers and semi-subdued colours.  Why?  She's the only one NOT WEARING A CAPE.


That's right.  I'm fitting in playful misinterpretations of goths as LARPers, alongside the one person that actually realizes that the dragon "dj" is...  ...Yes, I said dj! ::P:....  An actual dragon.  Aka she seems the most "sensibly" dressed out of all of them for an actual fight.  No, I'm not playing favourites!  Oh, and yes, obligatory Incredibles Edna reference too.


Yes, I was tempted to try and sculpt the dragon a pair of turntables and some headphones, but...  There's enough on the plate for a seven day challenge.  Silly shenanigans can come later on.

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Decided to try something out before going on to greenstuff (because supper was cooking), and...  With some things it was a good result, others...  Not quite so much.


Paint used: Secret Weapon Stone Wash




Small steps were the first ones to receive the wash, and I was somewhat... Liberal with it, as you can tell by it's now fairly greenish tone.  Oops.  Went a lot more sparingly on the larger part of the stairs, and my first thoughts were "YAAAAAY IT ISN'T GREY ANYMORE!!" followed by "this is going to require a decent bit more work, but at least I now know why my washes always seem to come out so darn dark on... everything"


Supper has been consumed, that wash stuff is done (on those two pieces, still have the tower base but eh for now), which means on to greenstuffing gaps!

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Go go go! You can do it!


One thing I found helpful was to keep a firm estimate of the time remaining, and leave myself plenty of margin. Otherwise, I'll just warn you that the central tower has way more surface area than you think. I also found it helpful to paint in the hangout, but YMMV.


Good luck!

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31 minutes ago, fectin said:

Go go go! You can do it!


One thing I found helpful was to keep a firm estimate of the time remaining, and leave myself plenty of margin. Otherwise, I'll just warn you that the central tower has way more surface area than you think. I also found it helpful to paint in the hangout, but YMMV.


Good luck!


Oh, I suspect that central tower has a lot of surface area, given that it's taken soooooo long to just get coated in grey liner!  What probably really jumps at one is the fact that it's two pieces, and there are areas that very much so have to be painted that some might, uhm, skip over...




Oh, hey look, there's a bit of colour coming into the mix now....


Paints used: 9135 Carnage Red, 29815 Dragon Blue



^Hopefully that'll cover up the gap more than enough.  Not my best gap filling, but eh.  It's what one does when they're trying to be utilitarian about it ~_^



^Mister (dj?) Dragon (who's going to eventually need a name), now with gaps filled!



^Sorceress gets her initial bits of red... stuff...  Of course, on the cloak/cape/dress, because, well, sure, why not I suppose!  I'm tired, my eyes are trying to bug out because I've demanded a LOT from them over the past 13 hours (err, 14 actually), and haven't really taken that many breaks during the course of this day.



^I'm thinking I might not be using my Dragon Blue during this challenge.  Something seems to be up with it, since it sort of semi-glorped out when poured, and it didn't quite want to spread evenly.  I'll have to look further into it, but I'll probably just grab one of my other paints.  That and it's the wrong shade of blue anyways, for what I'm contemplating.

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Seems like you've got a strong start on it so far.

Your difficulties with the Dragon Blue are very similar to what I went through with a bottle of Stormy Gray not too long ago. It took a ridiculous amount of shaking to get it close to normal, but it was also down to the last of the bottle and was I think the first bottle of it I'd gotten which meant it was about 3 years old at time of death. 

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    • By BananeDC
      Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016.
      Hope you like it.














    • By WhiteWulfe
      I say attempted because of two reasons...  First is this is the show off thread, and secondly, no official confirmation yet on the dates since @buglips*the*goblin has been occupied with other things, although a part of me suspects that @OneBoot might vouch.  At least on the times 
      WIP Thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83285-whitewulfe-attemps-the-seven-day-goblin-challenge-dragons-dont-share-2014-edition/
      This post may or may not be wordy, I haven't decided yet.  I'm tired, I'm sore, my eyes burn, but...  It. Is. DONE!  At least in my eyes.  A lot of things aren't as well done as I'd like, but that's what happens when you lose the equivalent of almost two full days to surprise contractors.  Thankfully I had terrain to work on while they took up most of that time!
      Rules thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69639-7-day-goblin-challenge-official-rules/
      Just what is the 7-Day Goblin Challenge?  Well, I summarize it as follows: Stupidly large mini, comically small brush.  Right now, it's four different minis you can choose from, you can only use up to a size 0 brush, aaaaand you have all of seven days to finish it.  That's it.  No airbrushes, no fancy paper towel tricks, no smearing paint with your fingers (as that's a "brush" that's bigger than size 0!), no direct application of paint, no aerosol cans... You get the idea. ^_^;;;
      Start time: October 27th, at 09:05 MST/MDT (aka -07:00 GMT)
      End time: Nov 3rd, at 02:02 MST/MDT
      Getting all of this to fit in my mock lighting setup was an absolute pain, doubly so since I had to steal hubby's painting light to try and get even lighting across things. o_O

      ^Starting setup, with time displayed

      ^Ending setup, with time displayed.  At this point, I technically had 7 hours and 3 minutes left in my seven days, and by the time I'm done writing this it'll probably be a full hour later (something about editing down over forty pictures, and that's AFTER I filtered redundant pics out of the equation o_O)
      In order to not make this an absolute pain to scroll through, I'll showcase key pictures, with additional detail pics being hidden behind spoiler tags.

      ^Obviously the main attraction is first.
      Additional dragon pictures:
      Terrain details:

      First hero is apparently the dwarf cleric...  At least with the order I took pics!
      Additional pics:

      ^The sorceress~
      Additional pics:

      ^The thief/rogue/sneaky one!
      Additional pics:

      The... Ranger/archer guy!
      Additional pics:

      ^And last, but not least...  Sir Purple of Shiny, as more or less named by OneBoot...  Well, inspired by due to purple and how shiny his armour was for quite some time...
      Additional pics!
      Now, comes the slightly... I dunno, philisophical part of it all.  Would I do things differently next time?  Most definitely.  I'd prefer to give my heroes more time, and also make sure I have brushes that I trust well enough to do eyes.  I had to pull out my 000 Reaper brush to try the eyes....  I also wouldn't wait until after 1am  in the final hours of the challenge to do said eyes either.  I'd also not recommend losing a good chunk of time to surprise contractors either, or at least keep painting as best one can - although that first day of surprise contractors, uhm....  Yeah, anything other than priming would have been impossible while they were doing work, the entire building was vibrating.
      Would I recommend this kind of thing to others?  Sure, why not...  If you're willing to do a reasonable amount of planning ahead of time.  I'd also strongly recommend having time off while you do this, AND not being the person who cooks.  Assigning cooking duties to someone else (or, y'know, having a freezer/fridge full of ready to make meals) would probably also be rather handy.  If you're in a relationship, or living with others (be they roommates, or parents, or whatever), DEFINITELY make sure to talk it over with them.  I'm lucky, I'm married to an enabler, and by that he's the main reason I was able to do the challenge.  That and he was quite happy to work on relic quests in FF XIV:ARR while I painted 
      Oh, and make sure you've actually GOT groceries to cook with if you are going to be the cook!  Don't have to run out a few times during said challenge, DOUBLY SO if you happen to have to WALK everywhere when you do said errands.  No, not even to go and get your package of big stompy robots, you silly fox!
      I went into this with a rather basic plan...  Colours picked out for the heroes (but apparently only their capes/cloaks), and a basic colour pattern idea on the dragon.  I'd recommend not winging it like I did, because it brings up some rather interesting (and annoying!) problems as you go, like how on earth you're going to make it work, and blend it all together.
      Will I give another one a shot?  We shall see.  Obviously there's recovering from this one, but most importantly is this - hubby would have to say yes again 
      ...I'm going to go get sleep now!
    • By WhiteWulfe
      So I'm looking at doing one of @buglips*the*goblin's seven day challenges (Dragons Don't Share - 2014 to be precise), and one of the main topics that keeps coming up is brushes, specifically ones I won't mind putting some wear and tear on, or even destroying.  For those unfamiliar with such a challenge, here's some more info...
      Official 7-Day Goblin Challenge Rules Thread
      Awww, it doesn't automatically do the thing anymore, where it does the nice and neat and tidy box of doom.
      Anyways.  The biggest thing I'm looking for is some brushes that will be legal (size 0 max, with a guideline of 1mm diameter, and no more than 10mm in length for the brush), since my main "scratch" and "priming" brushes are probably too big (Citadel starter brushes I happened to have lying around.  One is clearly way too big, and the other is probably too shot to be reliable for a challenge)....  And are hopefully relatively inexpensive as well as last a decent time through the rough behaviour that will more than likely be happening while I am painting such a large miniature, in such a short amount of time.
      Additionally, I do live in Canada, but have no problems purchasing internationally, it's just a case of us having a not as good Amazon (and the US Amazon doesn't always ship up to Canada).
      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips on durable, yet inexpensive brushes!
    • By OneBoot
      We all knew this day would come eventually. The day where OneBoot tosses the very few marbles she has left into the ocean and throws herself in after them. The blank 4th spot in my lovely Goblin Challenge signature badge has been glaring at me for several months now, and my personal circumstances have now aligned to allow me to attempt this, my final Challenge.
      For those of you unfamiliar with Goblin Painting Challenges, started by our very own @buglips*the*goblin, here is a link to his Kaladrax thread that started it all: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51269-kaladrax-in-seven-days-buglips-is-crazy-wip/&
      The short version of the rules is that I will be painting up Dragons Don't Share - 2014 edition in 7 days, using no brushes larger than a size 0.
      Here's the long version of the rules:
      You are all invited to join me in my descent into further madness! But only if you bring chocolate and gummy worms.  
      On a personal note, out of all 4 Goblin Challenges, this is actually the one I've been the most nervous about all along (yes, even more so than Ma'al Drakar). Those adventurers are likely to prove to be 5 lovely little time sinks for me, and I'll have to concentrate very hard not to get caught up in all those beautiful details on them! But who knows, maybe it'll end up being the terrain that eats all my time and sanity; we get to find out together!
      My general plan is as follows:
      The first couple of days will focus on brown linering and basecoating ALL THE THINGS, while also putting on faces and eyes while my hands are still fairly steady. I will work primarily on the adventurers the first few days, but will take 'breaks' to work on the terrain and the dragon in between to let my eyes and hands relax a bit from the tiny work. My aim is to finish the adventurers by the end of Day 4, or at least get them to "good enough" status; fun fiddly detail bits can be added after this point if I have time, but even without those the figures could be declared done. My final day will likely be focused on finishing up the terrain, and possibly the dragon's wings. Not sure about that yet, but that's what I anticipate.  
      Started: April 3rd 2018, 4:00pm PDT
      Finished: April 10th 2018, 8:17am PDT
      Show-off thread:
      --OneBoot :D
    • By OneBoot
      For those of you unfamiliar with Goblin Painting Challenges, started by our very own @buglips*the*goblin, here is a link to the Kaladrax thread that started it all:  http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51269-kaladrax-in-seven-days-buglips-is-crazy-wip .
      For this Challenge, I will be painting up Ma'al Drakar in 7 days, using no brushes larger than a size 0. 
      The rules are posted below:
      I will be starting my Challenge at 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on August 2nd 2017 (link here).
      EDIT: If you want to skip all of the talky stuff, here's the link to my completion picture.
      EDIT: And here's the link to the final entry pictures.
      Let the insanity begin!!!  
      --OneBoot :D
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