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WhiteWulfe Attemps the Seven Day Goblin Challenge - Dragons Don't Share 2014 Edition!

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9 hours ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Everything's looking great, don't worry too much on the skin tones, a bit of flesh wash int the corners and crevasses does wonders. 


Definitely glad to hear!  Skin is... Yeah, it's something I don't have very much (if at all) experience with...  Which some might find a tad odd, given that the first army I really REALLY wanted to work on for 40k was, uhm, Catachans.  Yeah, the ones with the most skin, and muscular skin at that!  Well, it was their lore I truly loved, but still! ::P:


Won't lie though, I'm defnitely curious as to what Secret Weapon's Flesh Wash will do, but given that a wash was precisely what fixed covered up a lot of the painting flaws/mistakes on my Skaven Warlord, I should keep that in mind! ^_^




Didn't get much more done last night before having to get sleep, but....


Underside of the footpaws/feet and tail now have Kobold Scale colour to them!  ....And apparently I have to touch up a few areas , but I'll worry about that in a bit.



So, given that I'm almost past the 96 hour mark (aka four days in), am I where I was expecting?  Well, truth be told, I was hoping I'd be a tad further along, with at least basics of shading and even some colour on the dragons, and quite possibly at least one or two heroes done....  I'd probably be a lot closer to that goal if the past two days hadn't had so many annoying complications taking away a bunch of my time (stupid leaks in bathrooms, and surprise contractors), but on the flipside it did let me chew through something I thought I'd have an issue with (terrain), and it found a use for those two Princeton brushes I didn't like at all.  Brushes working well for drybrushing and washes was a nice surprise, that's certain!


Do I have any particular plans for today?  Well, other than the obvious one of "paint at least twice as much as I did yesterday" (I wound up doing various things to try and destress from Monday's frustrations, so there were nowhere near as many hours put into painting as I wanted to), I'm sort of thinking of targeting the following things...

  • Finishing Sir Purple of Shiny.  He technically only needs drybrushing and additional washes on his base, some eyes would be helpful, a few layers on the cloak/cape, a beard, hair, finishing touches on the sword (like the hilt and crossguard?), and of course the leather elements along his belt.  Okay, so it's a decent list, but shouldn't take too too long to finish up
  • Since I seem to have ideas sort of flowing for her, the Sorceress as well would be nice if I got her finished off today
  • Terrain base dragon sits on completed.  This will require 2-3 washes, plus at least two layers of drybrushing....  Not to mention some paint to work over the hoard elements.
  • Dragon's tail, feet, arms, and chest/tummy.  Basically all of the areas that will be hard to reach once he's attached permanently to the base.  Bit of a reach for all of this, but given I don't have too many qualms about reducing the palette of colours for him somewhat, I suspect it's something I should be able to cycle through.


Coffee first, then... time to paint some more!

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Well now, uhm....  Yeah.  I definitely need to be more careful with washes.  Put Hard Body wash on at mostly bottle strength, aaaand....  Yeah.


And that's after two layers of shading to try and get it progressively brighter and/or more pink and have some orange in there too...



^First and foremost, hey, mixing Kobold Scale and Goblin Skin 1:2 gets an interesting looking orange....



^Close-up on the claws...  Tried to get a wash across it, but clearly I either missed some areas or... Something.  Definitely going to have to fix that splotchyness >.<




^Inside of maw got a bit of what I think was 1:1 watered down Punk Rocker Pink.... Memory isn't quite working out as well as I want it to right now.




Surprisingly, I actually like how the tail came out, but the lower body....  I'm still deciding on that.  When I realized it was too heavy/dark of a wash, I hastily went over everything with a rather soaked brush full of water, and managed to spread the wash around, but it seems some of the black had already settled...  Nowhere near as bad as it originally looked though.  For the upper chest, I'm current debating between modifying the method I used for the lower half, or coming up with something new.


If I could reproduce the effect that's on the side of that tail though....  Yeaaaah, that would be lovely.  It seems to have pretty much what i was wanting to do, which is...  Black, to pink, to orange...  Surprisingly.  A happy kinda surprise.


Thankfully, I'm heading out to a local café to try and sort things out - well, that and to just relax, and go out with hubby for a little bit (aka we're getting him new glasses, YAY!)

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1 hour ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

I can't help but notice that every head shot of the dragon looks as if he's bellowing in pain...perhaps the adventurerers dropped a rock on his foot...


Never looking at this dragon the same way again.....


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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like it!



It's taken a while, but I'm slowly warming up to how the lower half came out.  Tail part came out really well with how I was wanting it, but I'll just have to "wing it" with the lower half of the dragon and go with something more along the lines of "eh, it's kind of in the shadows anyways".  I was pretty choked about it yesterday, so was thankful that shortly afterwards we had to go out and do a bunch of errands, AND both of us found frames we liked...  I only had to go through eight different ones before finding one I liked, which was really REALLY nice (usually it's this long, arduous multiple hours thing).  Apparently they're from the Netherlands too (C-Zone)


4 hours ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

I can't help but notice that every head shot of the dragon looks as if he's bellowing in pain...perhaps the adventurerers dropped a rock on his foot...



2 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

Never looking at this dragon the same way again.....


*snerks* It really does look that way with the angle I took the photos at, doesn't it...  And I wanted to do was showcase that there was a bit of colour in his maw now ^_^;;;;  Poor dragon, stubbing his foot, having someone drop a rock on it, etc.




Got up somewhat late today, but I don't have any random errands that'll take up a decent portion of my time, and as far as I know there won't be any surprise going out to a café for an amazing cup of coffee, having someone with a  café racer style bike show up (was a gorrrgeous individual intake Kawasaki KZ650), and then of course, spending a lot more time at the eye place than originally planned...  And having hubby surprise me with A&W Mozza burgers on the way home (mmm, surprise Mozza burger!).


Coffee's brewing, so I might plug away at the last bit of terrain while brain slowly wakes up.


Oh right, before I forget, previous post had 9286 Punk Rock Pink, 9457 Goblin Skin, and 9458 Kobold Scale as the colours used, alongside Secret Weapon's Hard Body wash.  Colour layering was, uhm...  First layer was 2:1 Punk Rock Pink to Kobold Scale and slightly thinned along about half of each of the scales, second layer was thinned Punk Rock Pink along the outer edge of the scales, then edging/lining was done with that combination of Goblin Skin and Kobold Scale at about 2:1, and watered down....  Then covered in hard body wash.  Next time, when I go for the arms and upper body/chest, I'm going to make sure that the hard body wash is a lot thinner, because that's how things went along the tail, and I liked the overall effect.

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Wheeee, get to deal with a THIRD round of surprise contractors about some leak, but I'm still trying to keep going, even if they keep interrupting me.  <_<


Anyways!  Been thinking a bit about a blog post @Wren made, specifically regarding contrast, and one thing we should be doing every now and then is backing AWAY from the painting lights, and seeing how things look under light that isn't so intense.  Assuming I grabbed the right link, info on that is available here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83150-how-to-paint-with-more-contrast/


So, just for fun, I went back and looked at some of the first pieces of terrain I'd done for this challenge, and, well, I've noticed it ever since they were moved across the living room.  Am I going to redo those parts?  Probably not, I have too much work left done on the dragon and heroes, and that's my core focus right now.  So what I did instead was take some photos that are kind of close to how they look in the room, where there's all of a total of 6,400 lumens of light relatively evenly spread throughout the 15x17 living room, and most of that light is bounced off of the ceiling first...  Compared to 2,000 lumens of light that's usually aimed at an area that's about 24x15".



^How it looks under the lights.  Seems good enough, right?



^Doesn't look quite as pretty in the living room, does it?  And that's just about a foot and a half away from the light source, and I dunno, three feet down?


So with that in mind, I went a little... Longer/harder? on the base for the dragon.  Was it because of the horde?  Well, some could argue that.  It could also be because I wanted to put some of that knowledge provided to practice, and it could also just be that I wanted it to look nicer when it wasn't under direct light ^_^;;;;;



^Well, so far, so good...  I'm kind of proud of that stash, doubly so since it was somewhat hastily done, but it looks... Passable I'd say ^_^;;;



^Under more or less the same light for the room that the previous stairs were shown in....  I'd say you can at least seem more of the details, and what the general effect is supposed to be.


Is it perfect?  Nope, and it's also an unfair comparison because that tiny bit of stairs was one where I'd gone and used waaay too much wash, and it was the first one I did the drybrush treatment on, but still.  I suppose I could call it "learning as I go" as that sounds better :P


Right and before I forget....  Paints used...

9434 Wolf Grey

9462 Succubus Kiss

9464 Cursed Gold

9466 Dungeon Grey

Secret Weapon Hard Body Wash

Secret Weapon Stone Wash



Back to painting and all that.  I have a dragon to finish several things on before I can glue him down into the base!

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Lol been TRIPPING OUT reading your stuff!!!! LOL


That dragon looks awesome, and I’ve painted a few of the ancient/large sizes from Reaper and never seen her, so I’m looking at this dude getting ideas. Good luck with your 7 day size 0 insanity chick! 

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1 hour ago, Redd Knekk said:

Lol been TRIPPING OUT reading your stuff!!!! LOL

Sounds good...  Glad to have been entertaining over the past few days ^_^;;;;



That dragon looks awesome, and I’ve painted a few of the ancient/large sizes from Reaper and never seen her, so I’m looking at this dude getting ideas. Good luck with your 7 day size 0 insanity chick! 

It is definitely an awesome dragon, although mine's definitely a guy ^_^   In a lot of musical subcultures (but especially rave in general, goth, cybergoth, and even punk) the colour pink is, well, just that... A colour.  One rocks what they feel comfortable rocking. ::):  If I read that wrong, or read further into what you wrote, my apologies! :blush: 




Paints used this round...

Secret Weapon Heavy Body Wash (I've been calling it Hard Body Wash the entire time, oops)

9286 Punk Rock Pink

9434 Wolf Grey

9457 Goblin Skin


I actually took pics of the steps this time!  YAY!


^So, first and foremost, what I think was a mixture of 1:1 Punk Rock Pink and Kobold Scale.  Doesn't quite show up all that well here, but it's there.



^The thinned down Punk Rock Pink applied closer along the edges, although slightly randomly...


Then a fox forgets to mix up a step, and jumps directly to the wash.  Oops.  Oh well.  World isn't going to end :P



^Rather watered down Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black wash across all the things!



^And how the comparison between lower half and uppper half is.  It isn't a perfect difference, doubly so because if you look for it it's rather obvious the orange mixture is missing, but.... Eh, that's life...  Doubly so when you realize you skipped a step when you're halfway done.  Oh well!



^How the wing arms went.  I didn't get the inner skeleton for the wings, because that's where my attention is going next, as I want to do some shading in there to, y'know, make the wings look like there's more life to it...  Or contrast, if one so chooses!



^Made sure this time to try and make the pics look more like ferocious, instead of annoyed for stubbing his toes! ::P::devil:::P:


Wolf Grey on the eyes and teeth, Goblin skin on the horns and eyelids.  Maw was a combination of various things, but I believe it was watered down punk rock pink, then watered down goblin skin, then the wash, but I could be wrong.  Didn't exactly take notes, and was more focused on the end product, since it would be nice to get some sleep at some point.


...And, y'know...  The doom of having to finish up FIVE HEROES in one day PLUS the entire back of a dragon.  This will get... Interesting tomorrow, that's for sure.


As for the eyes, tomorrow such will probably be a combination of Wolf Grey and my usual (Bleached Linen), some actual lining in there for added definition, and then... I dunno, haven't quite decided what colour the eyes will be just yet.  Some would playfully say pink of some description (say, Prom Night Pink, with like, I dunno, Adamantium Black for the iris, since it would be gloriously shiny), but we shall see.  I know it's not going to be the "standard" black dot, that's for sure.  There's enough room in there that hopefully I shouldn't have any issues at all in making it look like, I dunno, an eye! :P

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Dang, nice work!

Remember, they have to be done, not pretty. Once you get the painting mostly done crudely, you can think of everything past that as improvements, not tasks standing between you and completion. (it worked that way for me anyway...)


You've done the hard part already, you can definitely finish this out! One more day!

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  • Moderator

Things are coming together! The pink on the orange is such an interesting combination, and it's amazing how much lining a wash can do in such a short time! :bday:  Also Sir Shiny of Purple made me smile. ^_^ 


10 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

...And, y'know...  The doom of having to finish up FIVE HEROES in one day PLUS the entire back of a dragon.  This will get... Interesting tomorrow, that's for sure.


Yep, you're into CRUNCH TIME now! I don't have an exact time reference in your starting post, but I did mentally note that you'd posted it at 8-something AM Pacific time (which I believe is 9-something am your time). That means you've got less than 24 hours left! ::o: Not quite the time to panic yet (I tend to reserve that for the final 12 hours lol), but it is definitely time to take a moment to evaluate what you have time for and what you don't, factoring in eating, sleeping, and apparently WILD CONTRACTOR appearances. Making a list might help (or it might not; I'm a list person lol).


It seems like you've got the terrain finished, so set that aside for now, even though you may be tempted to spruce it up; tidying can come after the Challenge. ^_^ Unless I'm missing something, your amazingly punk rock dragon just needs eyeballs and he's done...? *skims back through previous post* Ah, you did mention his back needs to be finished. After looking at your pictures, it seems like it at least has a full basecoat of the Kobold Orange, yes? If so, you can make the dragon's back a lesser priority and focus on the adventurers first.


From the pictures, it looks like you've gotten most of the clothes and the armor stuffs colored, so get skin, hair and eyeballs going! Ignore tiny buckles and jewelry and other fun fiddly stuff; you can pick those out post-Challenge (I mentally cried and apologized to every single one of the sculptors as I slathered paint all over their meticulously sculpted details and promised myself that I'd get a second set to paint up all pretty once I was done).


EDIT: Basically everything @fectin said, far more succinctly than I did. :lol:


The bulk of this is behind you, time to sprint for that finish line! You've got this, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! :bday::bday::bday: Mad respect for tackling this as your very first Challenge!



--OneBoot :D

Edited by OneBoot
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  • Moderator

Oh, something I forgot to mention. If time is running really short, don't worry about replying to your thread. You have my full permission to post the occasional blurry picture and cryptic remark and focus on PAINTING ALL THE THINGS! Don't worry about making the pictures look nice, just drop them in the thread and keep plugging away! Radio silence for the final few hours is not out of the norm, and the lack of updates during that time will be completely understandable. ^_^




--OneBoot :D

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    • By BananeDC
      Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016.
      Hope you like it.














    • By WhiteWulfe
      I say attempted because of two reasons...  First is this is the show off thread, and secondly, no official confirmation yet on the dates since @buglips*the*goblin has been occupied with other things, although a part of me suspects that @OneBoot might vouch.  At least on the times 
      WIP Thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83285-whitewulfe-attemps-the-seven-day-goblin-challenge-dragons-dont-share-2014-edition/
      This post may or may not be wordy, I haven't decided yet.  I'm tired, I'm sore, my eyes burn, but...  It. Is. DONE!  At least in my eyes.  A lot of things aren't as well done as I'd like, but that's what happens when you lose the equivalent of almost two full days to surprise contractors.  Thankfully I had terrain to work on while they took up most of that time!
      Rules thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69639-7-day-goblin-challenge-official-rules/
      Just what is the 7-Day Goblin Challenge?  Well, I summarize it as follows: Stupidly large mini, comically small brush.  Right now, it's four different minis you can choose from, you can only use up to a size 0 brush, aaaaand you have all of seven days to finish it.  That's it.  No airbrushes, no fancy paper towel tricks, no smearing paint with your fingers (as that's a "brush" that's bigger than size 0!), no direct application of paint, no aerosol cans... You get the idea. ^_^;;;
      Start time: October 27th, at 09:05 MST/MDT (aka -07:00 GMT)
      End time: Nov 3rd, at 02:02 MST/MDT
      Getting all of this to fit in my mock lighting setup was an absolute pain, doubly so since I had to steal hubby's painting light to try and get even lighting across things. o_O

      ^Starting setup, with time displayed

      ^Ending setup, with time displayed.  At this point, I technically had 7 hours and 3 minutes left in my seven days, and by the time I'm done writing this it'll probably be a full hour later (something about editing down over forty pictures, and that's AFTER I filtered redundant pics out of the equation o_O)
      In order to not make this an absolute pain to scroll through, I'll showcase key pictures, with additional detail pics being hidden behind spoiler tags.

      ^Obviously the main attraction is first.
      Additional dragon pictures:
      Terrain details:

      First hero is apparently the dwarf cleric...  At least with the order I took pics!
      Additional pics:

      ^The sorceress~
      Additional pics:

      ^The thief/rogue/sneaky one!
      Additional pics:

      The... Ranger/archer guy!
      Additional pics:

      ^And last, but not least...  Sir Purple of Shiny, as more or less named by OneBoot...  Well, inspired by due to purple and how shiny his armour was for quite some time...
      Additional pics!
      Now, comes the slightly... I dunno, philisophical part of it all.  Would I do things differently next time?  Most definitely.  I'd prefer to give my heroes more time, and also make sure I have brushes that I trust well enough to do eyes.  I had to pull out my 000 Reaper brush to try the eyes....  I also wouldn't wait until after 1am  in the final hours of the challenge to do said eyes either.  I'd also not recommend losing a good chunk of time to surprise contractors either, or at least keep painting as best one can - although that first day of surprise contractors, uhm....  Yeah, anything other than priming would have been impossible while they were doing work, the entire building was vibrating.
      Would I recommend this kind of thing to others?  Sure, why not...  If you're willing to do a reasonable amount of planning ahead of time.  I'd also strongly recommend having time off while you do this, AND not being the person who cooks.  Assigning cooking duties to someone else (or, y'know, having a freezer/fridge full of ready to make meals) would probably also be rather handy.  If you're in a relationship, or living with others (be they roommates, or parents, or whatever), DEFINITELY make sure to talk it over with them.  I'm lucky, I'm married to an enabler, and by that he's the main reason I was able to do the challenge.  That and he was quite happy to work on relic quests in FF XIV:ARR while I painted 
      Oh, and make sure you've actually GOT groceries to cook with if you are going to be the cook!  Don't have to run out a few times during said challenge, DOUBLY SO if you happen to have to WALK everywhere when you do said errands.  No, not even to go and get your package of big stompy robots, you silly fox!
      I went into this with a rather basic plan...  Colours picked out for the heroes (but apparently only their capes/cloaks), and a basic colour pattern idea on the dragon.  I'd recommend not winging it like I did, because it brings up some rather interesting (and annoying!) problems as you go, like how on earth you're going to make it work, and blend it all together.
      Will I give another one a shot?  We shall see.  Obviously there's recovering from this one, but most importantly is this - hubby would have to say yes again 
      ...I'm going to go get sleep now!
    • By WhiteWulfe
      So I'm looking at doing one of @buglips*the*goblin's seven day challenges (Dragons Don't Share - 2014 to be precise), and one of the main topics that keeps coming up is brushes, specifically ones I won't mind putting some wear and tear on, or even destroying.  For those unfamiliar with such a challenge, here's some more info...
      Official 7-Day Goblin Challenge Rules Thread
      Awww, it doesn't automatically do the thing anymore, where it does the nice and neat and tidy box of doom.
      Anyways.  The biggest thing I'm looking for is some brushes that will be legal (size 0 max, with a guideline of 1mm diameter, and no more than 10mm in length for the brush), since my main "scratch" and "priming" brushes are probably too big (Citadel starter brushes I happened to have lying around.  One is clearly way too big, and the other is probably too shot to be reliable for a challenge)....  And are hopefully relatively inexpensive as well as last a decent time through the rough behaviour that will more than likely be happening while I am painting such a large miniature, in such a short amount of time.
      Additionally, I do live in Canada, but have no problems purchasing internationally, it's just a case of us having a not as good Amazon (and the US Amazon doesn't always ship up to Canada).
      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips on durable, yet inexpensive brushes!
    • By OneBoot
      We all knew this day would come eventually. The day where OneBoot tosses the very few marbles she has left into the ocean and throws herself in after them. The blank 4th spot in my lovely Goblin Challenge signature badge has been glaring at me for several months now, and my personal circumstances have now aligned to allow me to attempt this, my final Challenge.
      For those of you unfamiliar with Goblin Painting Challenges, started by our very own @buglips*the*goblin, here is a link to his Kaladrax thread that started it all: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51269-kaladrax-in-seven-days-buglips-is-crazy-wip/&
      The short version of the rules is that I will be painting up Dragons Don't Share - 2014 edition in 7 days, using no brushes larger than a size 0.
      Here's the long version of the rules:
      You are all invited to join me in my descent into further madness! But only if you bring chocolate and gummy worms.  
      On a personal note, out of all 4 Goblin Challenges, this is actually the one I've been the most nervous about all along (yes, even more so than Ma'al Drakar). Those adventurers are likely to prove to be 5 lovely little time sinks for me, and I'll have to concentrate very hard not to get caught up in all those beautiful details on them! But who knows, maybe it'll end up being the terrain that eats all my time and sanity; we get to find out together!
      My general plan is as follows:
      The first couple of days will focus on brown linering and basecoating ALL THE THINGS, while also putting on faces and eyes while my hands are still fairly steady. I will work primarily on the adventurers the first few days, but will take 'breaks' to work on the terrain and the dragon in between to let my eyes and hands relax a bit from the tiny work. My aim is to finish the adventurers by the end of Day 4, or at least get them to "good enough" status; fun fiddly detail bits can be added after this point if I have time, but even without those the figures could be declared done. My final day will likely be focused on finishing up the terrain, and possibly the dragon's wings. Not sure about that yet, but that's what I anticipate.  
      Started: April 3rd 2018, 4:00pm PDT
      Finished: April 10th 2018, 8:17am PDT
      Show-off thread:
      --OneBoot :D
    • By OneBoot
      For those of you unfamiliar with Goblin Painting Challenges, started by our very own @buglips*the*goblin, here is a link to the Kaladrax thread that started it all:  http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51269-kaladrax-in-seven-days-buglips-is-crazy-wip .
      For this Challenge, I will be painting up Ma'al Drakar in 7 days, using no brushes larger than a size 0. 
      The rules are posted below:
      I will be starting my Challenge at 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on August 2nd 2017 (link here).
      EDIT: If you want to skip all of the talky stuff, here's the link to my completion picture.
      EDIT: And here's the link to the final entry pictures.
      Let the insanity begin!!!  
      --OneBoot :D
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