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WhiteWulfe Attemps the Seven Day Goblin Challenge - Dragons Don't Share 2014 Edition!

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12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great progress.

Good luck on the eyes!



Many thanks!  I'm a tad worried about them, but eh, they're much larger, so arguably easier to pull off, right? ^_^;;;


2 hours ago, fectin said:

Dang, nice work!

Remember, they have to be done, not pretty. Once you get the painting mostly done crudely, you can think of everything past that as improvements, not tasks standing between you and completion. (it worked that way for me anyway...)


You've done the hard part already, you can definitely finish this out! One more day!


I agree!  Done versus pretty is definitely an important distinction.


2 hours ago, OneBoot said:

Things are coming together! The pink on the orange is such an interesting combination, and it's amazing how much lining a wash can do in such a short time! :bday:  Also Sir Shiny of Purple made me smile. ^_^ 



Yep, you're into CRUNCH TIME now! I don't have an exact time reference in your starting post, but I did mentally note that you'd posted it at 8-something AM Pacific time (which I believe is 9-something am your time). That means you've got less than 24 hours left! ::o: Not quite the time to panic yet (I tend to reserve that for the final 12 hours lol), but it is definitely time to take a moment to evaluate what you have time for and what you don't, factoring in eating, sleeping, and apparently WILD CONTRACTOR appearances. Making a list might help (or it might not; I'm a list person lol).


It seems like you've got the terrain finished, so set that aside for now, even though you may be tempted to spruce it up; tidying can come after the Challenge. ^_^ Unless I'm missing something, your amazingly punk rock dragon just needs eyeballs and he's done...? *skims back through previous post* Ah, you did mention his back needs to be finished. After looking at your pictures, it seems like it at least has a full basecoat of the Kobold Orange, yes? If so, you can make the dragon's back a lesser priority and focus on the adventurers first.


From the pictures, it looks like you've gotten most of the clothes and the armor stuffs colored, so get skin, hair and eyeballs going! Ignore tiny buckles and jewelry and other fun fiddly stuff; you can pick those out post-Challenge (I mentally cried and apologized to every single one of the sculptors as I slathered paint all over their meticulously sculpted details and promised myself that I'd get a second set to paint up all pretty once I was done).


EDIT: Basically everything @fectin said, far more succinctly than I did. :lol:


The bulk of this is behind you, time to sprint for that finish line! You've got this, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! :bday::bday::bday: Mad respect for tackling this as your very first Challenge!



--OneBoot :D


Apologies if I wind up forgetting to reply to something in this, tis my turn to sort of skim things ^_^;;;;  Yup, I started at 09:05 MST/MDT (-07:00 GMT), so as of writing this I have, uhm... 19ish hours to go?  Or 18.5 I think it is now.  Anyways!


The biggest thing on the chopping block at the moment is probably the originally planned layering of those main/identifying colours on each hero.  I say it that way because I'd rather have the entire mini coated in a few layers of paint than "oooh, look, Sir Purple of Shiny has a gorgeous cloak/cape, but.... No beard!"


For the dragon, yes, there is a full coat of Kobold Scale on the back, but the grey liner still shows through in some areas, as coverage wasn't fully opaque due to me having watered it down just a touch too much, but it's mostly red.  Adventurers will be my main priority, simply because they're smaller, fiddlier, and most importantly, uhm...  Lacking in paint in a number of areas.  That and they're tiny fiddly things. :P


Terrain...  Is something I'm not bothering to touch.  Yesterday I got them to where I was happy, and they're staying where they are.


I'm aiming for skin tones better than my first attempt at such years ago.  Wow, I had put waaay too much Chestnut Ink on him.  He kind of had thick manga lines where there should have been shadows.  Better than that, and I'm happy ^_^


As for mad props..  I'm guessing it's because I wound up choosing one of the harder ones, due to the heroes, or is it something else?  Always did wonder about that.... ^_^;;;;


2 hours ago, OneBoot said:

Oh, something I forgot to mention. If time is running really short, don't worry about replying to your thread. You have my full permission to post the occasional blurry picture and cryptic remark and focus on PAINTING ALL THE THINGS! Don't worry about making the pictures look nice, just drop them in the thread and keep plugging away! Radio silence for the final few hours is not out of the norm, and the lack of updates during that time will be completely understandable. ^_^


(pic snipped to keep reply shorter)



--OneBoot :D


Yeah, I'm kind of planning on partially ignoring the thread most of this afternoon, and maybe doing a quicky/quickie update in the early evening.  I do kind of have to sit down and edit all those pics down to web size from their initial 16MP after all.  And/or crop in, since sometimes I'm taking a picture right at the very edge of minimum focusing distance...


That was a cute, motivating picture ^_^


2 hours ago, Clearman said:

Go @WhiteWulfe Go!


Strategic photo angles are your friend.  :ph34r:


For expressions, or...?  Did something that shouldn't have been in the pics make it in? >.>;;;  Well, okay, one thing that to me is harmless made it in, but once I noticed it, it uhm, was moved.


1 hour ago, Grayfax said:

Go! Go! Go!  The brush must die!

And yeah... wait on the photos... paint with paint, not light!


Sorry, no brush death, not even the Princeton ones I've abused the living daylights out of.  One of them IS shorter than when it started though...


1 hour ago, ShadowRaven said:

You Can Do EET!!!

Seriously, you got this. The end is the worst, because you get feeling like 'eh good enough' but don't fall into that trap. If you feel 'good enough' on one piece, set it aside, do another, and then come back when you need a change of pace. 


1 hour ago, Sibling said:

When I haven’t had time to do much on the forums checking in on this has been my priority, you’ve done a fantastic job. Now I’m super excited to see the final product. Look after yourself and remember to caffeinate and hydrate. You got this @WhiteWulfe::D:


1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:



1 hour ago, Tripleh5133 said:

You can do it!!!!!!!


1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

Go! Go! Go!


33 minutes ago, EldritchEladrin said:

Go @WhiteWulfe, Go!! You got this!


Many thanks for all the encouragement!  Onwards, to painting...  With a fresh mug of coffee next to me!

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1 hour ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Now is the time to unleash the madness fuel.

You will not know pain.

You will not know fear.

You will taste paint water! (don't drink the paint water, I just needed something to fill in to corrupt Saruman's inspirational quote..)


Love it!  Eerily enough, despite moving quickly, I've still yet to drink paint water.  Or even reach for it.  Then again, I made it somewhat obvious by having either Paw Patrol (old cup, used for metallics now) or Reaper's Sophie rinse cup (for non-metallics), and my water thingy is either a mason jar (rarely), or a 1L Nalgene Chute, so it's... Difficult to do such. ^_^



Okay, I lied, I'm posting a quick update since I had to get up to move around, stretch (since i was REALLY craning my neck, oops), and of course start supper...




^Yup, several of them have some rather pale skin, because I went with Scholar Flesh as the base.  Everyone has mystical glowy eyes because, uhm, well...  Man those eyes are small. o_O


Expect to see a LOT more red on the sorceress, and a lot more green on the archer/ranger next time ^_^;;;;


Paints used: Uhm, uhh....  Some? lol  Woodland Brown, Scholar Flesh, Rach Red, and Bleached Linen... I think.

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55 minutes ago, OneBoot said:

Woooooo look at all that progress! :bday:


GO GO GO GO GO!!! :bday:  :bday: :bday:



--OneBoot :D


51 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Go Wulfy go! *waves pennant*

Many many thanks to both of you!  Stopped in due to surprise contractors (turns out another pipe broke... When they did the initial work.  That they didn't see break.  Oops), but thankfully it was only an hour and a half or so for such.  The big long one will be on Monday, after work, but that's MONDAY AFTER WORK!


Now to consume a giant pile of rice and veggies, then back to painting wheeeee!

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Totally forgot what paints I used.  Sorry!  Strongly suspect flesh wash and armour wash were used....


Just under 11 hours to go on the clock!







.....Insert text here about things.  Well, someone has to, I'm going back to painting!



^Some have a guiding light, a personal saviour, something something dark side to help them along in the final stretch.  I just have DELICIOUS LIME FLAVOURED CAFFEINE!


I suspect filling out of things that haven't been properly painted is next, followed by, I dunno, drybrushing, and maybe some more washes *nods sagely*

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