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Das Schwarze Auge 15500f Female Elf Ranger, by Pingo

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This is the rather old-school 15500f, Female Elf Ranger, from Das Schwarze Auge, Germany's answer to D&D.


WIP thread here.










DSC_0421-face.jpg.2b9e8cc3addb0bbd065bc90d46bf6e26.jpg   DSC_0416-face.jpg.fecac8299c79b685cfbd1e54798b9ea3.jpg


DSC_0422-face.jpg.7132aabc7af78f133fd84c549fc3c1af.jpg   DSC_0415-face.jpg.bbcdf0ee71f30201f506702dc77b732c.jpg

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DSA had miniatures from the 80's


I have a few, some painted, some unpainted.

Very nice figures, some are still available from Ral Partha Europe.

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25 minutes ago, BlazingTornado said:

Did they make Kobrans?


I don't know. I found the Das Schwarze Auge miniatures on the Ral Partha Europe site but I didn't look at them all.

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