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Once again, I found myself in need of a mini for a game (tomorrow) and didn't have one on hand. So, I turned to mz4250's marvelous collection of miniature designs and printed my own. I thought it might be nice to post a few WIP shots this time, though I think the whole thing will wrap up fairly quickly.


Also, I'm waiting for the basecoat to dry at the moment. 


So, here are some pics of the mostly-complete hydra. I've filled most of the joins with green stuff. You can see on two of the heads where the neck didn't print correctly, and I had to extend it slightly. Also, the entire belly has a thin layer of greenstuff, because the supports didn't come off cleanly and it looked bad. If you zoom in, you can see that this will have the characteristic triangle mesh of an STL file and the characteristic layer lines of this kind of print. It should work out ok anyway. 





Here we have the base I threw together earlier today for this, and before-and-afters of the initial basecoating.


The base is a reaper base with some greenstuff molded with Happy Sepuku's sampler into a path. I painted the path (shadowed stone->stone grey->weathered stone), washed it with a black-green wash, and put some moss into the gaps using the black wash and a sepia wash as binders. I painted the rest of the base brown, flocked it with baking soda, let it dry some, gently brushed the path clear with a stiff brush, let it dry more, and hit it with a lot of gloss enamel. Baking soda makes beautiful fresh snow for five minutes, then abandons the base for anything nearby. clearcoat makes it look wet, but seems to keep it attached to the base. 




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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Cool !

Who makes this beast?

Mz4250 on Thingverse by the sounds of it.  I'm guessing this particular one would be the one labeled "Tiamat", posted Dec 27th, 2017 on Thingverse . 


Even some interesting kitsune designs they've made... A female minotaur... 

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31 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Mz4250 on Thingverse by the sounds of it.  I'm guessing this particular one would be the one labeled "Tiamat", posted Dec 27th, 2017 on Thingverse . 


Even some interesting kitsune designs they've made... A female minotaur... 




As for Kitsune and such...look at Titan Forge - Dragon Empire range.

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I didn't get nearly finished with this. Airbrushing seemed like a good shortcut, so I loaded up the trusty Badger with drow skin and water... and used too much water. It worked fine, but it took many thin coats, and I was done by the time the base was done.

Here's in progress:



...and where I finished up last night:



So I slapped some mouth color (cactus rose) and eye color (adamantium) on it right before I ran out the door this morning, and here's where it ended up:



It's no beauty, but is still better than the usual "pretend this troll is a hydra."


I'm busy all this week, so will probably go back and clean it up next weekend, then post the finished piece in Show Off. 

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Alright. I finished this up. Didn't put a lot of additional care into it, but I think it's still an improvement. Finishing touches were adding the teeth, adding a paler belly (drow skin highlight), stripes+ridges, clearcoat, and basing. No progress pictures because my phone was upstairs and I was too lazy to go get it.


The stripes were the only interesting part. I used an ancient bottle of nightmare purple (which is somehow still good!) to paint the ridges. Then I mixed the nightmare purple with drow skin, and put a stripe centered on each ridge. Just a rough triangle coming down on  each side. I did not try to blend them into the ridges. That looked ugly and left obvious hard transitions between the ridge and the stripe, and the stripes contrasted too much with the base skin. So I fired up the airbrush and mixed up a batch of drow skin+wash medium (mostly water with a little bit of flow-aid), using more medium than I would usually use water. I put a couple coats of that lightly over the stripes and over the belly transition, and let it build up slightly at the base of the ridges (where it smoothed out the rough transition. 


The clearcoat was to add gloss. It looked weird with a matte finish, and I thought it needed to look more salamanderish. That shows up poorly in these pictures because of the reflections, but if you compare a non-reflecting area to the earlier pictures, you can see why I'm much happier with the glossy finish.




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