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Judas Bloodspire Necropolis Vampire and...

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Just for my own peace of mind:


I responded in a thread about the Bones version of Judas and mentioned the old version of him--in metal, standing on a tall, integrated decorative base, complete with chain and human victim/slave.  No one in that thread seemed to recall such a miniature.  Did I totally make that up--that he originally came with a victim?  Am I thinking of something different?  I just vividly recall trying to figure out how the Hells his cape went, and whether he was supposed to be holding the chain in his hand or the cape.  I went with cape in hand, as it looked excellent that way.  @Reaper?  Anyone?  Has the madness begun?

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Clarifying question.

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I remember someone converting the Judas mini.

The model has his left hand half-closed, so you could convert something like a chain or a chalice to put in it (I've seen both conversions).


Judas' hand was never holding his cape; his cape is kinda draconic/bat wing shaped, to suggest his shape-changing abilities. 


I would never suggest that the madness has begun.  One should never poke the bear . . . .

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