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Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

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The siblings  of conflict are here!

Attack! this interstellar army of hardboiled girls are ready to conquer your tabletop! Assemble unique squads with powerful weapons, led by brave leaders. They're cute, they're rowdy, they are the siblings of conflict!



We're planning amazing, unique hero characters, and more! Surprises await! New Stretch Goals will appear as the campaign advances!


Chibi miniatures!

Chibis are adorable characters that have lately have made a splash in the boardgaming and miniature community with games such as Super Dungeon Explore, Arcadia Quest, Ninja All-Stars and many others. They're also featured in collectible figurines and in other geeky paraphernalia.

This is the NINTH Chibi KickStarter run by Impact! Miniatures and Impact! is partnering with  Märchen to bring you some incredible, new Siblings of Conflict chibi miniatures along with sci-fi allies & enemies for them to combat!

The funding goal will pay for the sculpting & 3-D printing of the miniatures.

 The Miniatures    

ALL miniatures in this KickStarter are provided unpainted. Unless otherwise stated after the name of the miniature, all miniatures offered with this KickStarter will be high quality 3-D prints done on a top end 25 to 50 micron printer (you should not see print lines after priming and paint).   As stretch goals are reached we will unlock additional sculpts.  The miniatures will require light clean up, being primed before painted and might need some assembly (although we will do our best to keep the figures with as few pieces as possible).  

You can use your reward dollars to get any of the miniatures in the listing above.

Miniature Quality

While many of the miniatures in this KickStarter will be 3-D printed, the quality will be a very high level since they are 25 to 50 micron 3-D SLA prints which are very different than ABS prints.   Below is an extreme close -up example of a printed figure and how it shows no print lines when primed and painted (with no other prep work).    Many thanks to Yeji Kim for her painting of Vanguard Leader Anna (top row) and Jason Turner for the painting of Vanguard Leader Anna and Vanguard Trooper #3 (bottom row)!



Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after the project.  At this time we are estimating $5 for US backers, $13 for Canada and $17 for Rest of World. Shipping of the KickStarter will be EU Friendly and should not incur any customs fees.  



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Ohhh my, those are interesting...  Especially the playful renaming...  Heaviest bolter!


My budget is thankful that I don't have much interest in Sisters of Battle ^_^;;;;;;;;

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1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Ohhh my, those are interesting...  Especially the playful renaming...  Heaviest bolter!


My budget is thankful that I don't have much interest in Sisters of Battle ^_^;;;;;;;;


Yes, almost worth buying just for a "Double Slapfist"!

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5 minutes ago, paintybeard said:


Yes, almost worth buying just for a "Double Slapfist"!

I agree.  That's a rather interestingly named one, that's for sure.  I bet a powered slap hurts just as much as a powered punch too...

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64% funded in first 24 hours. Stretch Goals changed to add earlier access to more characters!

Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator)

We are 2/3rd of the way to being funded backers ... thank you!

If you have been watching Facebook the past two months, you know Heriberto has shown off a lot of the art for the possible stretch goals.   I've had several backers reach out to me and ask how soon they can get several of those characters.

So Heriberto and I discussed and agreed to alter the KickStarter stretch goals to open up the characters more quickly.  Originally the 1st stretch goal character was going to be at $2700.  Now if we reach $2750 we'll unlock 3!! new character models.

We also had several people ask me via message for Susan the Saint that was shown on Facebook.  So Heriberto and I agreed to move that from Stretch Goal #8 to #2 to give you quicker access.

We want to give you a great KickStarter and address your suggestions to make it that way!   So these changes will help you see cool figures more quickly with goals we can reach now more easily.   If you can share the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, blogs or forums ... thank you.   That should help us push to fund and get to some of these more easily accessed character models for you.

Also if you had seen a preview of the art for a model by Heriberto on Facebook for this KickStarter and that model was one you REALLY wanted to have ... please let us know.  Heriberto and I are definitely willing to move a figure up to Stretch Goals #3 and #4 if they are a clear fan favorite and something you would definitely add to your pledge to get.

Thank you backers ... here is hoping the last 1/3rd goes quickly and we can start unlocking the stretch goals!

Here are the new first two stretch goals!



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FUNDED! First Stretch Goal unlocks with just $98 more in funding.


Thank you Backers ... we've funded on Day 4 and now have 13 days to unlock some special characters!

First up and just $98 away is:


 Sarah will be an $8 add-on model!

Thank you again backers for helping us get funded from both Heriberto and I!

Tom @ Impact!

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I was resisting because I don't really care for the 40k theme.  Ultimately failed and backed expecting to purchase individual models.


Planning to switch over to the new Leaders + add-on pledge when that opens.

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Good day Backers!

Last night we reached Stretch Goal #2! So Susan the Saint is now unlocked. You can get her as a $10 add on to your pledge.

We are also only $58 away right now from unlocking Stretch Goal #3 so 6 backers adding Susan the Saint to their rewards will unlock another new character for today!

Also to make it easy for those of you wanting to easily get the add-on characters Heriberto and I have created 2 new mini set offerings as part of the KickStarter (the All Characers Pack and the Centuria Pack). We'll update these as discounted packages as we unlock more stretch goals!


Stretch Goal #3 will be Burninate Nate. Natalie (don't call her that) is one tough cookie and the fire she brings to the battle is no dessert either (unless she's on your side). She will unlock as an add-on at $2750 (which is currently just $58 away!!!)


Heriberto and I loved see the project fund and then go on to unlock 2!!! Stretch Goals yesterday ... we are hoping with the fun characters that will be the upcoming stretch goals that we can keep that momentum going.

Thank you again backers for your awesome support!

Tom @ Impact!


Stretch Goal #3 and #4 unlocked Nate and Da Priesta.

Great day yesterday backers we unlocked Stretch Goal #3 for Burninate Nate and #4 for Da Priesta!

We are only $357 away from Stretch Goal #5 right now.

Burninate Nate and Da Priesta are both now available as an $8 add-ons!

Also we have updated the All Character Pack and the Centuria Pack to include these 2 new figures (see images below).

That means up next for Stretch Goal #5 which unlocks at $3,500 is Shieldmaiden Marybull. She got her name because she say she hits like a charging bull ... her friends say it more like a speeding tank.


Thank you backers ... awesome to unlock 4 characters in 2 days!

Tom @ Impact!




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Thanks everyone ... really happy to see 5 Stretch Goal unlocked after a slow start.  We have at least 5 more characters we can unlock in the next 9 days.  Working with Heriberto (the sculptor) is a lot of fun so I really enjoy these projects with him.

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I got to paint up one of their test prints.  Unfortunately, I took these snap shots myself (I'll get some better ones up after my wife takes pictures).




For those of you who are wondering, Impact! Minis 3D prints are WAY better than other ones I've seen within an order of magnitude of the price range, and are quite nice to paint.

Edited by odinsgrandson
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