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Along other things, i enjoy painting and gaming with 1/2400-scale modern naval craft. Here's my US Navy contingent thus far. Lake Erie, Carney, Ramage, and Samuel B Roberts are from GHQ, the rest are from Viking Forge.

Minis - USN Assault Carrier.jpg

Minis - USN Carrier (1).jpg

Minis - USN Carrier (2).jpg

Minis - USN Command Ship.jpg

Minis - USN Cruisers.jpg

Minis - USN Escorts.jpg

Minis - USN Troop Ships.jpg

Up next are the Russians. All the surface combatants are from GHQ, the Kuznetsov and subs are Viking Forge, and the Mitrofan Moskalenko is from Shapeways.

Minis - RFN Battlecruiser.jpg

Minis - RFN Carrier.jpg

Minis - RFN Destroyers.jpg

Minis - RFN Frigates.jpg

Minis - RFN Subs.jpg

Minis - RFN Surface Warships.jpg

Minis - Mitrofan Moskalenko.jpg

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That's pretty cool.  What game are these used for?  Got any action shots?  


Also, what are the actual physical dimensions?

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26 minutes ago, Clearman said:

That's pretty cool.  What game are these used for?  Got any action shots?  


Also, what are the actual physical dimensions?


There's a few games they can be used for, such as Harpoon or Shipwreck. My favorite is Naval Command, it keeps the feel of everything without getting bogged down in the details.


As for size...going off the top of my head, I believe everything from frigates up to cruisers are on bases roughly 5/8" wide. At the longest, Enterprise is just over 5.5" long.


Also, the only ships with decals for deck markings are Texas and Admiral Kuznetsov. All the others are painted on. Oddly enough, the carriers were among the least difficult to do in terms of makings...

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17 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Nice. How did you keep the lines so nice and even on the deck markings that you painted?  


Enough masking tape to play a Katamari Damacy LARP. I'm not kidding, by the time I was done, the tape used on Charles de Gaulle weighed more than the ship itself.


Circles are the hardest part. Eventually i found things i can use as stencils. For larger circles, I use the inside edge of notebook paper reinforcers. For smaller ones, stick-on rhinestones. About halfway through the painting process, Tonnere looked magnificent. :)


Oh, and Iwo Jima came with malformed masts, so the masts and radar platforms are scratchbuilt from staples and glue-reinforced paper.

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