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Thunk's Giving Hooby Goers?(November Hobby Goals)

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Alrighty, then! My Goals for the month and now well I've done them.


--Nativity set for family friend--Daddy Joe is finally on a base so the family is ready for primer and paint.

--Given up on finding the Scarlet brotherhood monks.

--Beat 3 Classic RPG video games this year--After quick success earlier with FF3 and DQ6, I've stalled on this.

--Minis for fellow AL players--Catlady mini nearly done. Gnome Wizard started and mostly base coated.

--F2F D&D4E campaign set in Adventurer's school--The EPIC finale aprouches! Party has reached Level 30! Time to face the Dark Lord and Stop the Demon War before it happens! And time for me to pull out all the nasty tricks I know! Bwahaha!



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On 11/1/2018 at 10:29 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Darn, didn't finish anything in October, although I did paint and even started another project..

Wait... I finished the Oni Centaur...Ah..honour is saved, Seppuku won't be nessecary..


  • Keep Painting La Charra Bust ( will not be finished in a month)
  • Finish my Ophidian Warrior ( Snakeman - Lost World)
  • Finish my Lizardman Command Group ( Lost World)
  • Finish my Yeti for Ladystorm's Challenge.
  • Finish "the Summoning"vignette.
  • Keep working on my Welcome to the Jungle Project.


This is how far I got...

Oh and I did finish a Brachiosaurus and the Feathered Raptors for my Welcome to the Jungle Project.

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On 10/31/2018 at 9:33 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

A few come to mind...

  • Survive 7-Day Goblin Challenge on DDS2!
  • Fill gaps in Minotaur Demon Lord!
  • Finish green stuff work on Wyrmgear, and coat in grey liner!
  • Assemble at least one "pack" of guys from the backlog, be they Skaven, or armies from my Hordes two player starter/battle box.

Well, I got at least one thing done.  Been dealing with a lot of other things, so didn't really sit down at hobby desk to do much of anything after the goblin challenge.  Got a few projects for December though!

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On 11/3/2018 at 11:41 PM, Warlady said:

Did finish most of my October goals - completed my 35 model commission, plus 3 pieces of terrain for it, as well as the next dragon in the queue, plus an elf.  Also painted two Santa ornaments. Whew!


But that dang Citadel dragon is still nagging me from the paint table. :-P


For November:


- Start on new commission (4 models)

- Continue working on that Citadel dragon

- Start painting minis for Christmas gifts


It's amazing how putting goals in print helps keep me on task!



Actually did finish the first two.  I just need to base that Citadel dragon and take some pics.

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