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Viridus - Autumn Monarch

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Everyone, meet Viridius.  




He's a hefty boi.  No Ma'al or Kalladrax, but still pretty big. He doesn't even fit in my light box, as you can see.   

I've thought a long time about how I was going to paint him up, I don't think I'm going to go with the standard green dragon look.  Instead I'm going to take my inspiration from the time of year, and make him an autumn forest dragon, whose coloration changes with the forest around him.   So I'll be doing him in mostly golden yellows to oranges and reds, but keeping some greenish tones as the base of scales and other places, to kind of give a reminder of the verdent glory he was before.


One thing I'm choosing to see as an opportunity is that the tops of his wings are very smooth, ideal for some freehand work.  The question is, what to do?  Some kind of leaf like pattern, or perhaps a butterfly like eye pattern (in the leaf colors, of course)


Out of the box bag he was in pretty good shape.  The usual mold line cleanup, though he has some gaps that will need to be filled.  I followed up with reshaping the wings a little with some boiling water.  I forgot to get a complete before picture, but below you can see the before and after for the right wing




I've had to fully assemble him, I don't like the way the wing joins look without greenstuff, so that's going to be the first order of business.  So painting around the wings might be a chore, but it's nothing I haven't dealt with before (Although, not in recent history)



I begain the gapfill on the right side, but after sticking a finger in greenstuff twice and having to flip him back to touch up the texture, I decided to call it a night and do the left side gaps later.









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Is this a Reaper dragon? I’m really excited to see where you take this. Awesome concept with the autumn dragon! I’ve got my popcorn so you’d better get a move on LOL!!!!

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I just realized something...  Anyone else notice that a LOT of the Reaper dragons, without legs, and looked at head on...  Kind of look like viking sailboats?  Wyrmgear has this same effect...

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5 hours ago, Redd Knekk said:

Is this a Reaper dragon? 


Yep, it is a Jason Wiebe sculpt (thought he original box of the metal version said Garrity by mistake).

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Thanks Talespinner for the info there, I had actually forgoten who sculpted him at all.....


Aaaaaanyway, did a little more greenstuff gapfilling and texturing it, I think I"m ready for paint, gotta let the GS cure first though.....


Obligitory Crying dragon shot:



One wing didn't stay bent.  Not sure yet what I'm going to do with that, maybe try dunking it again once the gs is cured...


On 11/2/2018 at 2:16 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

I just realized something...  Anyone else notice that a LOT of the Reaper dragons, without legs, and looked at head on...  Kind of look like viking sailboats?  Wyrmgear has this same effect...



took a preassembly picture sideways... he totally does and I may have to do something with another dragon some day. (not this guy, ofc)


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Ok, a quick update, tonight I got about an hour or so to work on him, so I primed him. Grey Stynlrez, followed by white to broadly sketch in highlights.  Mostly, just really happy to see that my gap fill areas almost disappear when they're the same color as the rest of him.

Sadly, though, even a second boil and shock seems to have not held in his wings and they still won't hold a curve shape, so I guess I'll have to live with them being flat.....




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Ladies and gentlemen, Color has happened.  As stated before, my concept was to bring in some colors from an autumn forest palette, and so in my  head i'm seeing the outer edges of scales and wings making the transition to autumn red, fading through yellows and back to green as it gets close to his skin, and then taking some artistic license.  His wings would be green with this concept, but I really wanted to push the fall leaves look, so they will blend through the colors on his wings as well.


Broke out the airbrush to get some basic color down all over him.  I started by touching  up the underpainting, though I forgot to get a picture of that finalized.  Used Stynylrez White and grey, with a touch of black mixed in for some deep shadows.  After that I went all over with a thin coat of 29807 HD Mustard Yellow, thinned per my usual  habit with Createx high performance reducer.  





After that had a bit to dry, I came in with 09035 Olive Green, and picked out some lower lying areas, as well as the veins in the wings.  I also brought in a little bit of 09011 Leaf Green to darken some areas.





Then I shifted to the oranges and reds, and working through some mixes of the mustard yellow, 09405 Volcanic Orange, and 09279 Fresh Blood (such a vivid red), I brought in the areas that are turning red on the wings and face.





The colors are still a bit rough at the moment, my airbrush blends aren't nearly as smooth and flawless as they could be, but since I'm planning to come back in with a few washes and glazes to actually build the colors on his scales, and it won't be a problem to do the same to smooth out the wing blends.  Also I'm going to come in with some browns, both for the random brown spotting you'll see on leaves, as well as trying to make all of his claws and horns look almost wooden.  


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I'm glad the colors are working out the way they looked in my  head.  I've had several times I've tried for an odd/off the wall palette that looked really great in my head, and looked... much less so once I did it.

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Tiny update. holidays and work changes and other side projects meant I had to put him aside for a bit, but I'm back to it now.  Did some glazing to refine the blends on the scales, partiuclarly around the face and neck, blocked in the red for mouth, painted a first pass at the eyes and started work on all the horns and spines (going to need to circle back and redo the teeth though.








Seeing some hard edges in the glazes on his chest scales in this picture... looks like i know what I'm doing this weekend...

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Whoops, forgot the pictures
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