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Kings of War: Vanguard


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So, with the fact that the kickstarter thread will eventually get closed, I'm starting this thread to bring the discussion over here.


Current topics of discussion:


1. How awesome is this freaking giant?!


2. Holy crap these resins are NIIIIICE!


3. What the heck is up with the different stats on the Empire of Dust and regular Undead skeletons even though they have the same point cost?

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It truly is an awesome piece. I just wish they sent more tiny little arrow shaft pieces to stick to it. I would love to make one of my giants(probably the regular one) look like he just got fired on by an entire regiment of archers and just took it in stride.


And the frost giant? Yea, the frost giant has to be the real winner in the giant beauty contest. The resin conversion pieces came out really, really well.

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Thoughts on Grunts anyone?


Grunts are cheap and they basically drop to the first hit to get through their protection. They always die and are always replaced (so basically they always survive). They aren't much cheaper than regular warriors. Dropping quickly means you'd expect them to be much cheaper however their campaign durability explains the higher price. I suppose you also need to think about how useful disposable chaff can be to protect the more valuable members of your warband.


On a related note... The Undead lists (both factions) contain way more Grunts than the other factions. In a campaign a warband comprised mostly of grunts will suffer a drawback. Because the Grunts never learn you'll be gaining ranks much more slowly than the other players and will begin to gain underdog bonuses. I imagine Undead warbands will be powerful starting out but their progression might be rather front end heavy. Either that or you really need to organise things so that the Revenant & Werewolf/character types get most of the kills and objectives. Running an Undead warband might be more tactical than simply "summon loads of minions and hurl them at the enemy".


I'll probably still be heavily tempted by my Basileans and Dwarfs but the chance to finally use my 9 year old Undead warband that hasn't seen a single game yet is very tempting. Of course I've only painted one of them so far so I should probably get on that.

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Grunt: Chief, why am I wearing a red shirt?


For the undead, the Grunts are an excellent bargain - if there is a Command character in range, they just don't stay down. (Well, if somebody attacks them while they are already down, they stay down....)


Chaff in the game is very useful - characters can be very fragile, and having a meat shield can keep the necromancer alive to summon the vengeful dead once more.


On miniature quality - the restic models are also worth pointing out - they are actually not bad, it seems like Mantic has been putting work into learning the strengths and weaknesses of the material. (I have never really understood the burning hatred some folks feel for restic - which is just a PVC. Even early on, Mantic had some good minis in the plastic - gargoyles, and Revenant Cavalry coming to mind - and I liked the trolls!)


The Auld Grump

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8 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

The Bard figure in the objectives bag is Ronnie Renton dressed as a One Man Band... :lol:


The Auld Grump



1 hour ago, Unruly said:

I actually really like the bard figure. I think it's both funny in concept and interesting in execution.


Is this figure you’re talking about the same mini as the Ronaldo the Bard mini available with Mantic Rewards Points?


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Well, kinda - the one in Vanguard was modified from the one from a previous Kickstarter - adding an entire one man band rig. *EDIT* Drum on back, cymbals on head, etc.. https://youtu.be/RrTE0SEafgc


And given that the 'magic power' of the Bard in the scenario is to be really, really annoying.... More Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, I think....


Also, the original was in metal, while this is plastic.


The Auld Grump - in the scenario, both warbands want to be the one to kill him... ::P:

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So I just noticed that the regular Undead get the skeletal dog pack as a unit. I wonder if this means that Mantic are going to release the skeletal dogs as something you can actually buy now as opposed to being a points-only item. They've been an option for skeleton units in regular for a while, but there's never been a good way to get your hands on multiple of them.

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      These last few weeks have been very busy IRL so very little has been painted. I did however manage to whip this up the other day.

      The little vampire. aka Vampire Halfling from Kings of War: Vanguard's Undead Warband Booster, by Mantic Games. Off to count some blood sausages. Or maybe slurp some black pudding. Oh, how he longs to again be able to have some hot cross buns...but they burn his mouth so...

      For some reason my camera did not want to focus properly on the face.
      Printlines?! Printlines!?

      What is it with "premium" resin minis and what looks suspiciously like printlines? Has someone failed at the clean-up-of-the-master-print-stage or is it something else that makes such lines a thing? Has someone rushed and cut corners? Why would you release a premium resin model like this?
      You can say a lot about Mantic starting out with cheap, "no brand" minis, but that is simply no longer true. Single, normal size resin models clock in at the €10-15 range retail price, the four model booster is a £30 / €40 / $45 box. That is premium pricing. Well, maybe at the lower end of premium but still, premium pricing.
      When they charge a premium price, I expect a premium product. Print lines = sloppy quality control. = not premium.
      Apart from the print lines on the cape, it is a good mini. I cannot abide the square bases they use for Vanguard, so I printed a 25mm round for it.

      Sneaking up on a beefy snack
      This mini was finished May 25th 2020.
      Vampire Halfling
      from the Undead Warband Booster
      for Kings of War: Vanguard
      Mantic Games, 2020
      unknown sculptor
      Made in resin
      25mm base.
      available from manticgames
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      Today, it is on their website and can be had by redeeming 25 mantic points through their points scheme. It was known for a while as "Wip the Half-Caste" but now is back to "Orc shaman" I suspect the "Wip the half-caste" name is some sort of internal Mantic joke.

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