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2 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:


Well there's a pretty difference between Ogham and Runes. One being very horizontal while the other is quite vertical.

I was referring to the the effects on more modern Irish pronunciation - and the irony of having a thorn in the word Bythonic - but left out a few sentences. (Including the proper term of Goidelic for the hard C celtic languages.)


The other thing to bear in mind is that Ogham only had a casual connection to the spoken language - a means of recording the bare bones. Possibly being a cipher, rather than a true written language - an alternate to another script.


There was also some morphing of the D in pronunciation - as an example, my Irish born Great Grandfather pronounced the name Dorothy as 'Doritty' while my American born grandfather adopted his Irish born mother's pronunciation of 'Torrity' - replacing the D with a T. (I never met my great grandmother - but my great grandfather was one of the scariest people that I have ever met.)


But both pronounced the thorn in Dorothy as a T.


Mind you, we have since had a full century - with modern communication smoothing out some of the more notable differences, regional pronunciations are slowly being worn away. A century of mass communication makes a difference.


Heck, just having dictionaries to nail down spellings makes a difference.


Meanwhile - drifting back on topic - the Kids of War games will be picking up after Christmas - and will be swapping off with Vanguard, in a narrative campaign - about twelve weeks, total. (Maybe more - if we include painting - some of the kids are getting warbands for Christmas.


I am hoping that one of them gets the new dwarfs - I want to see those minis in person. (I like that ugly female dwarf.)


Aiming at a game each week, for each kid, if we can manage it.


Week one will be Vanguard - with the results affecting the next week's KoW game.


The starting battles will be The Dead Spy and Light the Beacon.


Incidentally - the army lists are now up on Easy Army.


The Auld Grump

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13 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

It's mostly a matter of opponents.

There is a critical size - once you get enough players, it is easier to find more.


Right now... it is a lot easier to find GW games, and harder for non-GW games. (The downside of GW getting their heads out of their never-you-minds.)


Locally, GW had almost managed to kill themselves off - and we lagged behind on the GW resurgence... but it did eventually happen. Fantasy still hasn't recovered - Age of Sigmar is scarce - but there is a lot of 40K and even 30K going on.


It's amazing how having a sane and competent CEO can turn things around, eh?




If you have a local place to play on a regular basis, try setting up a campaign game - linked Vanguard and KoW - with a relatively small number of games for the season (I went with twelve - six Vanguard and six KoW - with the results of the Vanguard battle affecting the KoW battles.)


And create a sign up sheet describing the narrative.


Or, for a Vanguard only campaign, have a campaign where the players add to their forces, week by week, painting as they go. Start with 100 points, and building to 500 - with only 200 being on the table in any given battle past the first few. (More points adds flexibility, not necessarily more power.)




Ran into a little speech by Ronnie where he was comparing Vanguard to other skirmish games - the main difference, narrative wise, is that Vanguard is not about treasure hunting - it is about black ops. You are an Intelligence force, not just mercs. (He reminded me a bit of accounts of Intelligence Officers during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic wars.)


Now, I can't find it again. It was not on a Mantic video - it was on one of the VLogs supporting the games.


The Auld Grump

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I'm thinking about getting a starter set even though we have one, the start of ANOTHER army, or maybe a birthday present for somebody AND terrain for dioramas.


I look at the signal beacon, and I see a hero's funeral pyre.


I look at the runestones and I see runestones and the start of a giant's camp.


I put the captive princess with a Bones dragon, and there is a diorama all set and ready!


I want a giant's camp for reasons. ::P:


And a second copy of the rules is not a bad thing.

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9 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Looking at the images for the upcoming Terrain Crates... I... it... but... uh....




The Auld Grump

That furniture release is a beauty. Seems familiar, certainly rings a belle but looks like it would be a beast to paint up.

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10 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Oh, good!


I'm not the only one then. :lol:


The Auld Grump - three guesses what Megan's favorite movie of all time is.... ::D:


Uhhh... Highlander 2: The Quickening?




The Room, but not in a "so bad it's good" way?


Am I close?

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    • By lazarp
      Painted some zombies for my Rangers of Shadowdeep games, they were quick and fun to paint 

    • By Maledrakh
      These last few weeks have been very busy IRL so very little has been painted. I did however manage to whip this up the other day.

      The little vampire. aka Vampire Halfling from Kings of War: Vanguard's Undead Warband Booster, by Mantic Games. Off to count some blood sausages. Or maybe slurp some black pudding. Oh, how he longs to again be able to have some hot cross buns...but they burn his mouth so...

      For some reason my camera did not want to focus properly on the face.
      Printlines?! Printlines!?

      What is it with "premium" resin minis and what looks suspiciously like printlines? Has someone failed at the clean-up-of-the-master-print-stage or is it something else that makes such lines a thing? Has someone rushed and cut corners? Why would you release a premium resin model like this?
      You can say a lot about Mantic starting out with cheap, "no brand" minis, but that is simply no longer true. Single, normal size resin models clock in at the €10-15 range retail price, the four model booster is a £30 / €40 / $45 box. That is premium pricing. Well, maybe at the lower end of premium but still, premium pricing.
      When they charge a premium price, I expect a premium product. Print lines = sloppy quality control. = not premium.
      Apart from the print lines on the cape, it is a good mini. I cannot abide the square bases they use for Vanguard, so I printed a 25mm round for it.

      Sneaking up on a beefy snack
      This mini was finished May 25th 2020.
      Vampire Halfling
      from the Undead Warband Booster
      for Kings of War: Vanguard
      Mantic Games, 2020
      unknown sculptor
      Made in resin
      25mm base.
      available from manticgames
    • By Lidless Eye
      Fe fi fo fum, here come the Giants!
      Ignore the bases, they are temporary until the Sons of Behemat codex releases and I know what I can proxy them as.
      First up we have Devin Townsend...er, the Kings of War Giant.
      Then the former Otherworld Giant, now produced by Crooked Dice Games.

      And a very iconic piece of loot:

    • By Maledrakh
      This is one of Mantic's earliest metal minis, the "limited editon" Orc Shaman from 2011. It was AFAIK not available by itself, but added to army boxes, deals and so forth and I believe I got this from the first Kings of War kickstarter in 2012. Or an army box with orcs.
      Today, it is on their website and can be had by redeeming 25 mantic points through their points scheme. It was known for a while as "Wip the Half-Caste" but now is back to "Orc shaman" I suspect the "Wip the half-caste" name is some sort of internal Mantic joke.

      I must admit I have always found this model to be rather busy and difficult to read. There seems to be so much going on.
      more pics and stuff below

    • By Ooook
      On my quest for a Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic, I just finished :
      - a Behemoth (Colossal Skeleton from Reaper)
      - 2 flying creatures (skeleton demon from Ral Partha)
      - 2 quadrupede creatures (Skeletal War Dog and Handler from Ral Partha with Giant Skeleton Rats from Mantic)

      Next... Bowmen ? 
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