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New Releases November 19, 2018 (mix)

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The following new release items have a hard release date of Monday, November 19, 2018
Dark Heaven Metal Fantasy Miniatures
03922___ Eye of Fear by K. Williams $6.99
03923___ Swiftpaw, Catfolk Monk by G. Harris $6.99
03924___ Trilladour, Catfolk Bard by G. Harris $6.99
03925___ Inari Windsong, Female Elf by J. Guthrie $6.99
03926___ Ogana, Savannah Ranger by J. Guthrie $6.99
Reaper Dungeon Dwellers Metal Fantasy Miniatures
07011___ Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf Fighter by B. Jackson $10.99
07013___ Dungeon Dweller Orc Raiders by B. Jackson $11.79
Reaper Bones
77564___ Shub Niggurath by K. Williams $39.99
77556___ Mystic Circle by K. Williams $29.99
77585___ T'Raukzul - Great Dragon Boxed Set by G. Van Horne $49.99
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