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03860: Nimbar, Elf Necromancer - He's Creepy and He's Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky


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Who says elves have to be sprightly woodland-lovers? (Oh, and hey, @Beagle, I'm painting elves!).


I spotted this recent Reaper release, sculpted by Werner Klocke, and thought he looked interesting.


All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.


Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.


This is the way I usually start miniature figures: Lightly primed with Titanium White, then when that is dry, washing it over with Burnt Umber. Burnt Umber is a dark, transparent pigment that settles into crannies when thinned down and shows the details very well. It also gives a nice warm undertone to later paint layers.





I usually start with the skin on character minis. A good mix for Caucasian-type flesh in the pale ranges is straight Burnt Sienna and Titanium White, which is how I started him.





I laid in a wash of dark blackish mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna over his hair and shaded his skin a bit with of Burnt Umber in the skin mix.





Went in and painted his face in some detail.




Later: More!

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I painted the highlights in his hair with greys mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, lightened with Titanium White. I softened them by glazing over them with the same mix without white. By varying the ratio of blue to brown I can get a richly varied black color.





Used the same mix I glazed his hair with on some of his garments and details. This isn't necessarily the final color, but it will give shadows and depth to what I lay over it.





Surprise! I guess it's ... purple.


This is a completely straightforward mix of Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta lightened with Titanium White. Nudging the rations makes a warmer or cooler violet. For example, I highlighted the jacket and hood with a cooler, bluer shade and the skirts with a slightly redder shade.


I did not lay it on  solidly, but with a light touch, letting the underpainting show through.





 DSC_0362.jpg.1288b7c2361cfbd3f4d8ec051a1721a0.jpg     DSC_0360.jpg.c1bc834188e22acfc4b535c480335284.jpg


I mixed a dull bone-white from Titanium White with a little Yellow Ochre and even less Burnt Umber and painted his scythe. I also added some starker whites to his dagger handle and his cup.






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Good progress!


I like how you keep this in a "normal fleshtone" most evil elves end up being painted as drow/dark elves.

Keep it up!


I can't wait to see the facial expression on a Dwarf  being raised by this guy.


*** Aaalllivveee !!! I live! Hrggnnn!!! Who can I thank ...AN ELF????***

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      Just keep on plugging away at these bones 5 set.  So so so much to paint still. 
      Here we go.  The necromancer.

      I am going to say i hate bone white from vallejo.  That stuff has terrible coverage.  Chalky.   And thinning it makes it take forever to dry.  Not a fan.  Every time i is it i think, "i should mark this bottle with an x."  
      I wanted the cape to be darker red, but it still works.  I was nearly going to paint it purple and make her clothes red, but didn't.  She looks way way way too colorful for a necromancer, but it's what it is now.  






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      I'm very happy with how the skin tone turned out on this mini.  

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      This one has been on the desk for awhile to receive paint as there was extra on the palette. I decided to finish him off last night. Added highlights to the cloak and skulls. Shaded everything, but the cloak with Army Painter Dark Tone. I didn’t add any highlights or shading beyond the basics as it isn’t a great cast. But, I think it turned out great for the toy box. 


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      Presenting Lysette, a mage from the Bones USA line by Reaper.
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      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      ....and when the last crumbs of hope were lost, from the deeps of the elven forest, came a heroine!
      Alright, this happened to be an interesting project. I'm guessing Fiara lost a bunch of details when going from metal to plastic bones.  At some point, I felt like there wasn't much to work with.  I ended up  free-handing some of the details.  Also, blacklining seemed to help quiet a lot.  I originally wanted to use metalics on the sword, but at the last moment decided for NMM.
      As always, all sorts of feedback is welcomed! 🙂

      P.S. For the love of God, I could not take a good picture of her! (or a picture that would satisfy my likeness).  So, I'm dumping a few extras in here.

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