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ECM vs. Jamming question


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Is Jamming an ECM signal an active process that must be maintained like current Electronic Warfare counter Measures or is it more like an EMP that just turns off ECM?


In practice:


If my Talon activates ECM to block Target-Locks, then my opponent successfully Jams my ECM with his warden, is my ECM gone until next turn or would it be back if I immediately destroy the warden that jammed my ECM on my next activation during that turn?



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15 hours ago, CAVBOSS said:

If the Warden jams you it is gone until your next activation and you use it again, regardless if you kill it. Its an abstract way to keep the game moving in the actual amount of "game time" that is passing.


On page 15 of the errata document, it mentions "either cancelling a currently active SA or preventing the use of either SA during the affected model’s next activation."  So, if I Jam an already active ECM/APA, then on the Jammed units next activation, it can reactivate the ECM/APA?  But if I catch an ECM/APA unit that hasn't activated yet and successfully Jam it, it can't use those SA's until the next turn, basically forcing it to not use that SA for an activation?

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If the model is currently using ECM/APA and you jam it the effect is removed. On that models next activation it can activate again. If it is not using ECM/APA it will remain jammed until the end of its next activation.

Think of it as two sides of the same coin... if its already going, the unit has made the necessary motions to allow the effect to be successful. By blocking it you are trying to over-power them and shut it down. If its not going yet, you are making him work hard to figure out how to get it up and going, making him power up and get through you.

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