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Thanksgiving Paint Binge Challenge 2018


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It's that time of year again! 


It's time for  the Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Paint Binge!  


Link to the 2017 Challenge.


The object is to finish as many figures as possible. Quantity counts over quality.  All manufacturers are fair game, posting of WIPs and finished pieces is strongly encouraged. You may prep and prime figures before hand, in fact I recommend it. Get out all those primed and half painted figures and get ready to finish them!  


Finish your Rainbow Dragon.  Get caught up on your RPChallenge.  Catch up on your Minivember totals.  Work on your Secret Sophie.  Finish your Large Figure entry. 


When you complete a mini post a photo here, or make a link to Show Off. 


It doesn't matter if you aren't in the US, come paint with us anyway.  Have to work? Travel? Have to cook a big family meal? That is part of the challenge. 


Painting begins at 00:01 am Nov 22 and ends 23:59 pm Nov 26. (according to your local time zone)  This gives you a chance to finish up Monday night and post pics. 


Who's in with me? Can we break last years total? 


BONUS CHALLENGE:  Use at least 3 paints from Reapercon 2018, or the Halloween promotion:


-- 09601 Ashen Rose 

-- 09602 Bruise Purple 

-- 09603 Black Indigo

-- Breast Cancer Pink

-- 09279 Fresh Blood

-- 09680 Spectral White



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Sounds intriguing, even if it's a month late ~_^


I have this sudden feeling I should prep "a few" Skaven.....


EDIT: Finish one's rainbow dragon challenge? I thought the whole silly point of that was to get started, then get distracted by other things?  I swear that's what I thought it was supposed to be! ::P:  (In all seriousness, I should probably get back to mine at some point)

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My short list candidates for the challenge, first up, the low hanging fruit:



A few that are prepped and ready for paint:



Some new figures I'd like to get to:



And if I should find myself with extra time there's always:






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I'm going to be dependent on not losing track of boxes during the move; I was packing away miniatures on painting sticks yesterday.  I've got  a trio of Burrows and Badgers figures ready to go, but after that I think I'd like to get back to my project of painting armies of ancient Minifig Middle Earth figures for a retro game.  I ran across them as I packed as well, and I at least keep the mover/packers away from the hobby stuff, so I still know where it is.  ::P:  It looks like I need to pick up a couple of cheap contingency kitchen items while shopping today if I want to cook anything the first week...

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