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Thanksgiving Paint Binge Challenge 2018


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I got off to a late start, but I got Valkyrie Sophie (aka KS4 Barmaid Sophie) assembled and primed, and added 77374: Tyrea Bronzelocks  (no pics due to exposed flesh) to the barbarian group.  Glued a 3rd layer of sand on the bases that needed it.  Oh yeah, put down fresh palette paper and paint. 


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My binge time is getting cut short.  I have to fly to Las Vegas tomorrow for work, which means the stuff I normally would have done tomorrow is getting done today...


Anyway, I was able to finish my goblin "horde".  It may be a low CR encounter, but it's a lot of paint for me in a short period of time.  The first two are the Dungeon Dweller Bloodbite Goblins.  The other four are from the 03077:  Goblins II set.


Please excuse the fingers...

















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Looks good Clearman. Have a good flight. 


Had to rake laves/clean the yard but I got some painting in.  Succubi:



Pro tip: When assembling "Sophie" put the hands on first and adjust the wings to fit. Not the other way around. 






And werewolves are now considered finished:



Time to put the christmas lights up on the garage. 


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12 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

It looks like a lost weekend, with life needs  overwhelming. However, I wanted at least to do a token participation, so I finished up a Stonehaven female half-orc barbarian from a couple of Kickstarters back:






We’ll see if anything else gets done...

I just glow with joy when I see painted Stonehaven!  Great job Rob!

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