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Valana, Forgemaiden Sergeant 14524

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I really like this figure.

You have very good brush control.

I think the yellow and green combo works well.  Anyone would be happy to have this represent their character.


If I could give my 2c worth of advice:

The eyes might benefit from a darklined method.  Paint the whole eye dark like Brown Liner.  Then paint a strip of an off white like Linen White.  Leave a little line of brown liner all the way around.  Then add a dot of brown liner as the iris and pupil.  Try to match each pupil’s direction so it appears she is looking a certain way.

The more white you paint into the sclera, the more surprised she would look.  The less white you paint, the more determined she will look.


Last small critique, just my opinion: The back shot shows too many different colors going on, like a rainbow.  I would consider doing most of the leathery stuff in your medium brown, and maybe a green for the bedroll.  It can match the green of the dress since it seems distinct from behind.

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That yellow tabard is lovely. I like the way you painted the whole figure. I also agree with Darcstaar about the eyes, although I can't usually pull it off on small figures, or models with small eyes in general. Gotta say, I really like the skin tone you gave her.

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Thanks everyone!  I tried the dark lined eye method on this lady, but it was one of the details that got lost by too many redos.  It's worked really well on my last few figs, but going for a specific "look" on this one ended up costing me in the end.  Oh well, I have plenty of figs left to keep practicing on!

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