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    • By R2ED
      Here's another that I was practicing on with oil paints mixed in.  I am not sure I have it figured out yet.  I had read that before applying oils, you should do a gloss coat to give a 'protective' layer so you can reset the oil if you need to clear up a mistake.  I'm not sure I'm getting much from that method and may just go straight over the acrylic layer next time.  The gloss coat may only be needed first with the pin washing?  Not sure.  Any help would be loved here.  
      That said, there were a few areas that worked great and some that sucked.  
      1.  oil wash on back of cape area worked out well with a black 4:1 mix of spirits to paint.  Win.
      2.  The primer I used was an older one and it had a 'chalky' texture to it and prevented much of my washes from settling in only recessed areas.  Fail (but I have since stopped using that primer).  This was just an older project sitting calling my name to finish him.
      3.  I have no idea how to finish that translucent stuff, so I left it on the 'to-do' list and guidance from some of the Reaper forum folks.  No idea what to do with those.
      4.  Horns on his back were a cool mix of brown to light tan.  Win.
      5.  Keeping to darker tones all over.  Red/Green/Purple all were good choices for this slimy guy.  Win.
      6.  Dry brushing a yellow to bring out the bumps on his face was also a good win.  
      7.  Eyes are questionable, but may end up blacking them out to fix them.  Might be more fitting with a 'fish eye' look.  
      Love the feedback if you got it!

    • By Rigel
      Slaad from Nolzur's. Blue and Green painted in their normal colors; Death and Gray panted in red and black. 
      Not just for fantasy; also make good spacemonsters and post-apocalyptic mutant/invaders, as shown here.

    • By GodOfCheese
      Awesome random encounter, paraphrased:
      DM describes a green, toad-like beastie.  It--
      Me: "Is that a GREEN SLAAD?"
      DM: "Well, roll a Knowledge: the Planes..."
      Me: "No, no, I mean does it look like THIS?" [reveals recently-painted Green Slaad]
      The Rogue: "Isn't this like a miniature painter's dream?  Having just the right mini for a completely random encounter?"

    • By GodOfCheese
      After battling a few of these in an expedition to the nether planes, I figured I should paint at least one of them...

    • By Felltyde
      Little painting before work 

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