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11/06/18 Battle Report, Texas Toy Soldier, Carrollton TX

Savage Coyote

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New forces, new models, more destruction!  Had a team 5k today, with myself and MiniAdicts son fighting against MiniAddicts Ritter 5k.  I brought some Almirithil units and loaned a section to MiniAdicts son to run.  here are the forces:


MiniAddict's Ritter:


Section 1 (Attack)

4x Sabertooths


Section 2 (Specialist)

3x Catamounts


Section 3 (Firesupport)

2x Mastadon's (one is CO and Ace)

2x Blitz's


MiniAddict's Son's Malvernis 


Section 1 (Attack)



2x Poltergeist


Almirthil Squads (7th CAV Guard Division, Ursus Guards)


Section 2 (Specialist)

Concussion (CO, Ace)

2x Bears



Section 3 (Recon)

4x Hounds


So we start off and deploy.  Both sides are conscious off the others fire support sections and attempt to spread out for the most part, though MiniAddicts son decides that a couple of the Hounds want some warm hugs from their CAV breatheren! 




Turn 1

Like most CAV Turn One's on a 6x4, theres mostly shuffling around, though with the fire support groups that meant there's going to be some rockets launched (or artillery rounds). One of the Mastadon's puts down a three inch AoE on the Bear/Hound near each other, but manages to not damage either.  The Hound shakes off the Shock roll, but the Bear fails.  I'm a little hazy, but my Fire Support section drops some missiles on the now advanced Blitz and does some damage.  Because it's already activated, it doesn't get to use Counter-Battery.  My Growler takes some massive hits from one of the extreme ranged Sabertooth's and is suppressed.  Time for him to run and hide!  One of the Sabertooth's on the Malvernis side does some damage to the Butcher and takes a little damage in return and we wrap up the turn.





Turn Two

Now we get to the nitty-gritty.  The Sabertooth on the Malvernis side is wrecked by the combined fire from both Poltergiests, Wraith, and Butcher, while my Fire Support Squad kills the injuries Blitz (and on reflection, he didn't use his Counter-Battery... oops.) The Ritter fire damaged the Growler again with a Mastadon strike and kept him suppressed I believe, but a near by Bear wasn't damaged and shook off the effects (it will be a theme all night to not be shaken by the Shock (8) of the howitzer.).  One of the Poltergiests also took damage from artillery  but both shook off the Shock effect.






Turn Three


Our Recon Squad virtually assures that we end up going first, and so in one terrible, fell swoop, my fire support section removes the Sabertooth who had damaged the Growler.  It had moved up trying to damage one of the Bears that it had direct line of sight too, but almost every single combat roll did a point of damage (total of ten rolls, I believe the last Bear only needed two rolls to finish the Sabertooth off.).  The Mastodons keep doing their thing, one going after my Growler but missing and blowing up some trees, the other plinking away at some of the Malvernis units.  They open up on the Cataphract and nearly kill it.  If you are keeping score at home, Poltergeists can put out some obscene firepower! 






Turn Four


My fire support section goes after the Sabertooth thats trying to cozy up to us and puts five damage on it due to some less than average combat rolls.  The Malvernis kill the mauled Cataphract while also putting three damage on the Sabertooth, which puts more damage on the damaged Poltergeist which will eventually die this turn.  His fire support starts to exclusively hunt the Malvernis combat units as they are inching closer and closer to the CO's Mastadon.  We also used the Hounds to Jam the remaining Catamounts.





Turn Five


I focus fire on the Catamount on the hill, taking to DT 7, while the Malvernis group destroys the Sabretooth in front of it.  The Hounds continue to Jam the Catamounts while starting to move forward, and the return fire keeps chipping away at the Malvernis section.






Turns 6-10

Going forward, the general pattern of my Fire Support squad cleaning up units and MiniAddict trying to kill the Malvernis section carry forward.  The Butcher dies to a massive triple six critical hit from a Mastodon, and the Wraith is taken to it's last damage track.  The Poltergeist races forward and kills the CO Mastodon, as well as the Blitz.  The Hounds move up, and kill the mauled Catamount while my fire support killed the other and in the last two turns, mauled the last Mastodon.  A Hound finishes him up for the total annihilation.








MiniAddict LOVES his Mastodons.  I feel they don't do enough damage for what they do, but his strategy was one in which he'd Shock multiple units and keep them at arms length and at -2 to all rolls while chewing them up with the Sabertooth's and Blitz's.  Its a good plan, but due to our spread out nature, he never got more than two units in an AoE, and then we rolled our Shock checks like champs.  My Fire Support brought straight damage down on the enemy and while not challenged, the Concussion was itching for a reason to give 'em the light show.  The Poltergeist were probably the MVP's as they almost singly handedly took their flank with the APA2 support from the Hounds.  On the Ritter side, maybe dropping a Sabertooth for a Cougar, and a Mastodon for a Tiamat might have changed the damage potential for the force.  It's hard to tell.


Questions?  Comments?

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It didn't help that my dice decided to leave me at the moment of need:angry:

The Mastadons helped some (I think) applying a -2 to rolls but with all the APA out there it simply canceled it out. I think more MRAC's and heavier Indirect Fire would made a difference. (Tiamat like Savage Says)

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