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Primer for new painters, Rach unit

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Hello, while I am new to CAV, I have been painting tabletop minis for nearly 40 years. While I will never be a contest winner  or gifted like some of the folks here, I do know how to paint game quality figures. It can be very simple if you follow a few steps. Don't let anyone intimidate you into being leery of painting minis. First step you want to prime your mini, here I am using a white primer because I will be using yellow. Most paints will cover fairly well, but yellow is a bugger UNLESS you use a pale [white or very light gray] primer.

Start on the inside, whether it is a mech, person or a dungeon monster. Then work your way out. jqxdm7I.jpg

Get a good coverage, if you are painting metal, use a nice spray primer and let it dry. When you are painting, you are much better using 2 thin coats than one heavy one. If the mini is plastic, just use a brush on acrylic. Acrylics are great, water clean up and quick drying. EoBrVTZ.jpg

Once you have the primer coat on, give the yellow area their first coat. It will look very washed out, don't worry, we will give it another coat. rOkuQIo.jpg

I went ahead and painted the cockpit canopies with gloss dark blue at this time too. You can see the difference in the depth of the color here.


Now, they get the red. Just take your time, use a small brush to get your edges straight, then a little larger one to cover the rest of the mech. 2bZR5fh.jpg

Now pick out more details with black, etc. Now you can also drybrush to make details stand out a bit. Drybrushing is very simple, just get a small amount of paint on your brush and wipe most of it off before you lightly rub the model to pick out the details. If it isn't enough, you can always go back for more. Also, paint the base a neutral earth color.



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