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19 hours ago, Redd Knekk said:

Beautiful blending on the purple cloak in the back. I like her eye shadow color too. Just beautiful all around. Seriously great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was this a 25mm mini?

Thank you!


Well, she's a giant so.... She is probably scaled like the rest of Reaper's mini to be roughly 32mm heroic scale but since she is a giant, she is maybe 3 inches tall. I don't have her right in front of me and I can't tell from the metal B in the Reaper store photo. (I miss the little triangles!) I will try and take a photo of her tomorrow next to a regular Reaper mini to give you an idea. I really enjoyed painting her and Vanja. Nice, big eyes! Haha!

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On 11/11/2018 at 4:49 AM, Redd Knekk said:

Beautiful blending on the purple cloak in the back. I like her eye shadow color too. Just beautiful all around. Seriously great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was this a 25mm mini?

Here is a picture with her next to a regular sized Reaper mini. I don't have Sir Forscale. I should get one!

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    • By Inarah
      This has been a WIP on my desk for far too long. I tried some things that didn't work, repainted her, got some advice, repainted her, didn't like the way it looked, repainted her... realized I just had to stop before I really ruined it. 

    • By brsdr
      Inspired by others 'project threads' - and with a return to face-to-face gaming on the horizon - I thought I'd start my own thread of minis I'm painting for WOTC's Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (D&D 5e).
      If nothing else this will help to keep me focused on the relevant bits of my unpainted pile, despite all the Bones V calling out to me 🙂
      Feedback welcome - with the caveat that I'm an average painter at best, and aiming for table use not display!
      Anyone planning on playing this campaign might not want to read further; the minis will inevitably spoil some of the encounters.
      To start off, I've lined up the following:
      Grimtalon the Roc (Reaper 77946)
      Frost Giant Skeleton (Gale Force 9 71127)
      Kings of War: Northern Alliance Clansmen (Mantic Games MGKWL301) 
      Frost Shaman Boudi (Hasselfree HFH187) 
      Frost Mage Matthias (Hasselfree HFH199)
      Semira Marise (Hasselfree HFX023)
      Polar Bear (WizKids DeepCuts WZK73727-W9)
      Hoping to get cracking this weekend. There's also a dragon on the way, and maybe a few others...

    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Lysette, a mage from the Bones USA line by Reaper.
      Started on this one back in January, but got stuck on her dress so she spent a while in the Cupboard Of Unfinished Things.
      Unfortunately, my camera doesn't like her sky blue hair and it's really blown the colours out, she looks a tad better in hand.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By Evilhalfling
      The little queen all golden
      flew hissing at the sea 
      To stop each wave
      Her clutch to save 
      She ventured bravely 
      Dragonsong and Dragonsinger were some of my favorite books as a kid, and my Elder spawn loved them as much as I did.  
      Hopefully this is headed for Reapercon if I think I can get a Silver with it. 
      1:  the layout.  The base will need to have square sides, so that I can frame up a container to pour resin. 
      the top of the base will be slanted, to show the gentle slope of a sandy beach, and I need big enough waves, to threaten the nest. 
      hopefully sculpted from a Mat gel and possibly toilet paper foam. 
      I'll have to change out the giantesses hand - the staff is not at all appropriate - I could try sculpting a fish net (hardest) a bag, a hand holding an egg, or just an open hand.
      cutting off the staff leaves her with a closed fist ... which doesn't fit either. 
      2:  some sculpting.  I wanted to make theis dragon wingless since I got him, Marhtangull just has such a good crouch, his wings actually spoil the lines. 
      i have a few more sculped scales to glue on once the putty hardens. 
      The Nest of eggs: must have 9+ a few that perish during hatching.   The Ale Barrel was what I made when I realized I had mixed up WAY to much milput. 
      3: the golden Firelizard queen  -  I dont have the contrasts pushed high enough to really look mettalic, im a little worried about it 
      I need to resculpt the eyes - firelizards need big cute anime sized eyes.  I already removed the front legs and shifted the wings, adding a few sculped scales and connective wing flap. 
      Would love advice, critiques or suggestions. 

    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, I completed this model last night. 14124 Kevis the Overlords Mage was sculpted by Chaz Elliott. This guy will be an evil evoker NPC in a campaign I'll be running.











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