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[Conan] 4 Valnirs

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This is an order for someone else, 4 valnirs pour an extension of Conan the Boardgame.


Working time : 4h15


I put the non upgradedwhite images in order to show the snow because otherwise it is white on white...

















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    • By BananeDC
      It's been a long time without posting here...Her are some bones 4
















      Gauth was a little too big for my studio...
      Here is Gauth Gauth and an unlucky female adventurer, under it paw...)







      The  Roc !!







      Size comparisson with a barbarian :

      The rock troll :

      And the cart^^

    • By BananeDC
      Here is my Kanjira. The pose of the monster made me think it could be a good idea too make it emerge through the Trees. A vision of Knightmare, for sure.







    • By BananeDC
      Hop, here we go !







      Succubi (nude) :
    • By BananeDC
      Hi everyone, i'd like to share the photos of my Cadirith, from Bones II.


    • By BananeDC
      An order from a friend : a complete Dark elves team (18 minis) + other stuff.
      Tota l : 26 minis for Bloodbowl
      Work time : 19h00
      Furies :

      catchers :

      Blitzers :

      Linemen :

      Linemen :

      Assassin :

      Stars : Roxana and Horkon:

      Stars : Eldril and Hubris

      Other stuff (8 minis) :
      Dwarf star : Grim :

      2 saurus (will soonreceive the missing arm) :

      Zombies :

      Troll :

      Gobelin star : Fungus

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