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1 hour ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

I already lost track of all your different projects, Al. Is there any kind of index? Otherwise I will surely miss one of it.


Almost without exception, the stuff I make is for the Last Hurrah project. SO, while it is all spread out in the Works In Progress section,

it will appear in the Last Hurrah/Conversions, Terrain, & Presentation as well. I post here for those Folk that don't haunt the other section.

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The Lads of Mags' Minions are coming along nicely. SO I felt it would be okay to add another piece into the mix.
This is Ral Partha/Iron Wind's Fairy/Faerie Dragon with a couple of Mushroom Cronies.
As the looked on Wednesday:






AND today:




I had hoped to get one of Grenadier's Oh-So-Silly Elf Dragons, but the Ral Partha is a reasonable alternative; AND silly enough to fit in with the rest of the nonsense.  

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I did up some mushrooms to fill out the Faerie Dragon's base.



AND wrapped up Petruchio, The Shrew (Gringe) Commander.
Seen here with the rest of Mags' Boys:



...by himself:





Until whenever.

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The Faerie Dragon is coming along nicely. I have the base made & the painting has commenced:




Now that Monty The Shambler is done, Mags' Minions are complete. Only the photos with Herself & naming the Shrews is left:




The Gang sans Mags:




After having the Gang sitting waiting for paint , it is a tremendous feeling of release having them finally done.

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Hey! My vegetables wandered off!!!


Awesome job on that one!



...they will be back...TO GET YOU!!!

Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you loke them.


To wrap it up, here is Mags with her Minions:



Against my better judgement, I'm off to open a thread in the Show Off section.

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7 minutes ago, malefactus said:

That is a cool one as well, Glitter. The beady skin is what attracted me to the first illustration.


The Forest Fruit Dragon looks like a great inspiration.

I'd say go for it!


As for the Shroom Dragon, well...now you know how to paint the next Dragon!

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4 minutes ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

Why can't I stop thinking about this dragon doing a Bee Gees remix dance?





Exactly. He looks like he is striking a pose from Saturday Night Fever...More than a Dragon; more than a Dragon to me.

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