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1 hour ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

I already lost track of all your different projects, Al. Is there any kind of index? Otherwise I will surely miss one of it.


Almost without exception, the stuff I make is for the Last Hurrah project. SO, while it is all spread out in the Works In Progress section,

it will appear in the Last Hurrah/Conversions, Terrain, & Presentation as well. I post here for those Folk that don't haunt the other section.

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The Lads of Mags' Minions are coming along nicely. SO I felt it would be okay to add another piece into the mix.
This is Ral Partha/Iron Wind's Fairy/Faerie Dragon with a couple of Mushroom Cronies.
As the looked on Wednesday:






AND today:




I had hoped to get one of Grenadier's Oh-So-Silly Elf Dragons, but the Ral Partha is a reasonable alternative; AND silly enough to fit in with the rest of the nonsense.  

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I did up some mushrooms to fill out the Faerie Dragon's base.



AND wrapped up Petruchio, The Shrew (Gringe) Commander.
Seen here with the rest of Mags' Boys:



...by himself:





Until whenever.

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The Faerie Dragon is coming along nicely. I have the base made & the painting has commenced:




Now that Monty The Shambler is done, Mags' Minions are complete. Only the photos with Herself & naming the Shrews is left:




The Gang sans Mags:




After having the Gang sitting waiting for paint , it is a tremendous feeling of release having them finally done.

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Hey! My vegetables wandered off!!!


Awesome job on that one!



...they will be back...TO GET YOU!!!

Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you loke them.


To wrap it up, here is Mags with her Minions:



Against my better judgement, I'm off to open a thread in the Show Off section.

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7 minutes ago, malefactus said:

That is a cool one as well, Glitter. The beady skin is what attracted me to the first illustration.


The Forest Fruit Dragon looks like a great inspiration.

I'd say go for it!


As for the Shroom Dragon, well...now you know how to paint the next Dragon!

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4 minutes ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

Why can't I stop thinking about this dragon doing a Bee Gees remix dance?





Exactly. He looks like he is striking a pose from Saturday Night Fever...More than a Dragon; more than a Dragon to me.

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    • By malefactus
      Mags aka Magrat The All Seeing trash Heap has been waiting Patiently for her Minions to be painted.
      AND they finally are...Mags is pleased:

      Petruchio & his Shrews:

      Petruchio sans the Shrews:

      The Shrews sans Petruchio:

      Monty The Shambler:

      After having the Minions sitting & waiting attention since January, completing them comes with a WONDERFUL feeling of relief. I hope you enjoy them.
    • By malefactus
      My friend Daniel aka tauser, from the DM Craft Forum used Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock character Marjory The Trash Heap as the basis for one of his Monsters.
      It was such a wonderful idea that I had to do a version of my own. She is just perfect for my Last Hurrah Project. SO...
      Here is Jim Henson's original Marjory:

      AND here is my W.I.P. version of The Trash Girl:

      Stay tuned for further developments...eventually.
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