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21 hours ago, Crowley said:


So not buying anything from this guy... 


Love the wings!  And you're colors are so vibrant! 


Remind me, how big is Meg? 


...it's the smile. NO ONE trusts a Guy with a smile like his.


The wings have changes just a tad, but I am happy you like him, Crowley.

You have probably hit her picture by now, but,  just in case, here is Mags with The Boys:


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    • By malefactus
      Mags aka Magrat The All Seeing trash Heap has been waiting Patiently for her Minions to be painted.
      AND they finally are...Mags is pleased:

      Petruchio & his Shrews:

      Petruchio sans the Shrews:

      The Shrews sans Petruchio:

      Monty The Shambler:

      After having the Minions sitting & waiting attention since January, completing them comes with a WONDERFUL feeling of relief. I hope you enjoy them.
    • By malefactus
      My friend Daniel aka tauser, from the DM Craft Forum used Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock character Marjory The Trash Heap as the basis for one of his Monsters.
      It was such a wonderful idea that I had to do a version of my own. She is just perfect for my Last Hurrah Project. SO...
      Here is Jim Henson's original Marjory:

      AND here is my W.I.P. version of The Trash Girl:

      Stay tuned for further developments...eventually.
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