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UTDF Wakizachi Variant Katana


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Mitso Ta Katana

UTDF Wakizachi

Point cost 395 (4DT)


Mission Role:

1: High Speed Fire Support

2: Combat support (Some assault capabilities)



1: Intense fire saturation with dual MT64L IFMs

2: Moderate defense against hard targets

3: Incredibly fast at 22MM, few fire support CAVs can keep up.



1: Lightly armored, not ideal for prolonged assaults

2: Expensive at 395, More if TL systems are upgraded




The Wakizachi is an awesome asset to the UTDF Ranger Corps, although the dual Conqueror IFM variant Tyrant has better range (60 inches) and thicker armor, the Wakizachi is ideal with cross country deployments. often fire support CAVs tend to slow down a large manuever, the emphasis on the Rangers Corps is speed, thus the Katana serves as an inexpensive solution to the constant cross country deployment of the average Ranger group.


The secondary mounts are fitted with 2 MT64L IFMs for a potent blend of fire power, devestating against soft targets, and capable of saturating hard targets with effective fire support. In tight situations, the Wakizachi can perform light assault capabilites, and some clean up operations.


Battle History

Currently, the Wakizachi, (Nicknamed the Wacky Zack) is untested, Tango Rangers have 3 of these CAVs in a unit with a Strike Raptor acting as a spotter. Before this variant was cleared, it was reviewed by Lone Wolf Company staff, and evaluated against a slightly more inexpensive Tyrant variant with two of the Conqueror's IFM. The deciding factor was its usage and availability of models, Bravo Spear had already several Katanas as training CAVs for the Jolon Combat Trials.


Tango Spear Cheif Hugo Lopez JR, seeing the technical data, quickly petitioned LWC administration for the Bravo Spear Katanas to be reassigned to Tango Spear; Bravo Spear was given several Archer models to replace the Katanas, and the modifications are currently being made enroute to Cassini.


When the technical modifications were first suggested to Prefect Marcus Wheatley (Who actually dislikes Mitso Ta and their products) he threw up his hands in disbelief saying, "What the heck are they gonna need a total of 7 IFMs in one section for?" Principle War Chief Charles Cruz answered " I'm not sure either, but whatever they hit is sure gonna be in a world of hurt!"


How to create

My eyes lit up at the possibilities of this performer, and its a fairly simply upgrade. Remove the stock missile packs, (they would make some nice secondary turrets) and sand down the shoulders to a nice smoothness, the tricky part is the back on the main chassis itself, its not particularly favorable for the MT64Ls (two available in weapons pack with Duelist arms)


Saw into the back abit to shorten the heightened area to match the cockpit, I also decided to angle the cut a bit so the IFMs appear at a 30 degree incline. take a tiny ball of green stuff and join the missile pod onto the Katana's back, do both sides. shape the green stuff and our physical changes are complete, this model actually looks pretty good too.


Stat wise, swapping the secondary DFM and IFM for the MT64Ls will bring the model up to 395, but some guys, like myself aren't satisfied with that and upgrade the TL to match. I tend to stat with simular UCORs but the Koda Works Conqueror has a tasty front loaded TL, though you'll pay for it. I opted for the +2mm, to bring it up on par with my assault units.


Basically, this is one CAV that'll keep up with a faster assault unit, and deliver crippling support. Though the dual Conqueror IFM Tyrant has better range and armor, the Wakizachi Variant Katana can close up a range deficit in a turn, and return with an equally potent flurry of IFM, and better primary fire power with moderate soft killing potential as well. (Katanas Primary weapons are front loaded +4/+2 which is respectable.


Tactical Note

From the start, one should always consider the Katana as a secondary or supporting CAV. Putting experience in the cockpit always pays off, and try not to ever task her(stock or variant) with more than she's capable of, she's a "Delicate Woman". This variant augments her role a bit, to where she's supporting heavier assault units, and forfilling her function as clean up in a pinch. Its certainly multitasked to keep her in the fight either as support or clean up.


Quote Yoshi Takada: "Its only flaw is corrected in the hands of a master."



Ok, so any comments are welcome; she's yet to be tested, but I have them built up and ready for Tango Colors.

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